Friday, September 6, 2019

The annual Clubs Fair, which introduces the incoming 1L students to the wide range of extra-curricular activities available at the law school, had the atrium of the Jackman Law Building abuzz on Thursday Sept. 5 as students crowded around the booths of the wide variety of clubs and organizations on offer.

Students at clubs fair in atrium of Jackman Law Building

Students at clubs fair in atrium of Jackman Law Building

Among the booths were long-standing organizations like the Students' Law Society and In Vino Veritas (the wine tasting club).

Students' Law Society booth

In Vino Veritas

But the clubs also included new ones that address the cutting edge of legal issues, such as the Legal Hackers Club and the Cannabis Law Club (rest assured, the cupcakes are from the next club over).

Legal Hackers

Cannabis Law Club

The law schools' public interest programs - including Downtown Legal Services, the International Human Rights Program, Pro Bono Students Canada, the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, and Law in Action Within Schools, needed a room of their own and could be found in the Rowell Room.

International Human Rights Program

Public interest programs