Wednesday, September 13, 2017

We love back to school time here at the Faculty of Law, when we welcome so many new students. Here’s a snapshot of the first year cohort: who they are, where and what they studied, what they’re interested in, and much more.

It’s the third year we’ve run a questionnaire to get a better picture of our 1Ls, as we strive to closely monitor the diversity – in all its forms – of our class and keep the numbers moving in the right direction each year.

Click here for more detailed admissions data.

Incoming students voluntarily participate in our survey—we have a 100% response rate—to help the Faculty of Law match them with upper year students for our Peer Mentorship Program. But we also like to have a little fun with our questions, and find out what they were doing before coming to law school.

This infographic can be found in our JD Admissions Guide 2018-19 (PDF), which helps recruit the best and brightest students for the next year. To our knowledge, only this law school and Osgoode Hall Law School publish these data, and we hope this helps to foster an informed discussion about diversity at law school and in the legal profession more generally.

First year class profile, 2017