Respect the weight of 800 years of law in Khadr bail


Portrait of Audrey Macklin


This oped by law scholar Prof. Audrey Macklin, commenting on Canadian Omar Khadr's release on bail pending his appeal, appeared in the print and online versions of the Globe and Mail today. Read the full commentary online here, or below.


Respect the weight of 800 years of law in Khadr bail

By Audrey Macklin, Professor & Chair in Human Rights Law

Prof. Kent Roach co-authors "The government’s new speech crime could undermine its anti-terror strategy"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In a commentary in the National Post, Prof. Kent Roach and University of Ottawa Prof. Craig Forcese provide a hypothetical situation to show how the Canadian government's proposed laws against advocating for terrorism could in fact undermine law enforcement ("The government’s new speech crime could undermine its anti-terror strategy," February 10, 2015).

The commentary is based on their in-depth analysis at

SJD student Kyle Kirkup - "Stop criminalizing sex work"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In a commentary in the Winnipeg Free Press, SJD student and Trudeau Scholar Kyle Kirkup argues that there are better alternatives to the federal government's new prostitution laws ("Stop criminalizing sex work," December 8, 2014).

Read the commentary on the Winnipeg Free Press website, or below.

Stop criminalizing sex work

By Kyle Kirkup

December 8, 2014

Prof. Kent Roach provides insight on anti-terrorism law in various media in wake of Ottawa attack

Monday, October 27, 2014

In the wake of the attack in Ottawa that killed a Canadian soldier and resulted in shooting in the Parliament Buildings, Prof. Kent Roach has provided insight into the role of anti-terrorism laws, in various media.

In Just Security, he wrote "The Canadian Terrorist Attacks and Canadian Counter-Terrorism Law," (October 23, 2014). Read the commentary on the Just Security website.

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