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Books and Editions

The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (co-editor)(Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017)

Canadian Constitutional Law (5th ed.)(executive co-editor) (Toronto: Paul Emond, 2016)

From Recognition to Reconciliation: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights (co-editor) (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016)

The Sovereignty of Human Rights (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)

From Recognition to Reconciliation: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights (co-editor, with D. Sanderson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2015)

Canadian Constitutional Law (4th ed.) (executive co-editor) (Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications, 2010).

Guest Editor, Education, Administration, and Justice: Essays in Honour of Frank Iacobucci (with S. Choudhry, D. Schneiderman and Lisa Austin) (2007) 57 University of Toronto Law Journal (Special Issue). 

Labour and Employment Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 7th ed., (co-editor with the Labour Law Casebook Group) (Kingston: Industrial Relations Centre, Queen’s University, 2004).

Canadian Constitutional Law 3d ed. (co-editor with R.C.B. Risk et al.) (editorial committee member and co-editor with Constitutional Law Casebook Group) (Toronto: Paul Emond, 2002). 

Guest Editor, Liberal Democracy and Tribal Peoples: Group Rights in Aotearoa/New Zealand (2002) 52 University of Toronto Law Journal (Special Issue).

The Security of Freedom: Essays on Canada’s Anti-terrorism Bill (co-editor with R. Daniels & K. Roach) (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001). (view abstract)

Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001)

Awarded the Canadian Political Science 2002 Donald Smiley Award for the best book on Canadian governance and the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences 2002 Harold Innis Prize for the best English-language book in the social sciences. (view abstract)


“The Form and Substance of Aboriginal Title: Assimilation, Recognition, Reconciliation,” in N. Des Rosiers, P. Macklem and P. Oliver (eds), The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017)

“Introduction,” ,” in N. Des Rosiers, P. Macklem and P. Oliver (eds), The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017)

“Positivism and Practice beyond Sovereignty,” University of Toronto Law Journal (forthcoming 2017)

“Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian State: The Prospects of Constitutional Pluralism” (Yale: Yale University Press) (forthcoming 2017)

The Constitutional Identity of Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Status Groups or Federal Actors?” in J. Cohen (ed.), Forms of Pluralism and Democratic Constitutionalism (New York: Columbia University Press, forthcoming 2017)

“Militant Democracy, Legal Pluralism, and the Paradox of Self-Determination,” Mark Tushnet (ed.), Comparative Constitutional Law (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2017), Francesco Parisi (series ed.), The International Library of Comparative Law; originally publishedin 4 International Journal of Constitutional Law 488 (2006)

“Self-Determination in Three Movements” in F. Tesón (ed.), The Theory of Self-Determination (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016)

“Recognition and Reconciliation in Indigenous-Settler Societies” (with D. Sanderson), in P. Macklem & D. Sanderson (eds), From Recognition to Reconciliation: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016)
“Indigenous-Canadian Relations and the ‘Ethos of Legal Pluralism,’” in P. Macklem & D. Sanderson (eds), From Recognition to Reconciliation: Essays on the Constitutional Entrenchment of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016)
“Human Rights in International Law: Three Generations or One,” (2015) 3 London Review of International Law 61
"Global Poverty and the Right to Development in International Law," (2014) 1 London Journal of International Law 1-43.

"Guarding the Perimeter: Militant Democracy and Religious Freedom in Europe," (2013) 19 Constellations 575-590.

"Race and Ethnicity," Mark Tushnet and Cheryl Saunders (eds.), Routledge Handbook on Constitutional Law (Routledge: 2012) pp. 313-324.

"Freedom of Association and International Law," in Judy Fugde and Eric Tucker (eds.), Freedom of Association After Fraser (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2012) 260-284".

"Les droits des minorities en droit international," in H. Ruiz Fabri & M. Rosenfeld (eds), Repenser le Constitutionalisme à L'Âge de la Mondialisation te de la Privatisation (Paris: Société de législation comparée, 2011) 233-259.

Originally published in English in 6(3-4) International Journal of Constitutional Law 531-552 (2008)

"A Külsó Határok Védelem: Militáns Demokrácia és Vallásszabadság Euópában" (2010) 4 Fundamentum 27-48

"The Law and Politics of International Cultural Rights" 16(3) International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 481-501 (2009). (download paper)

"Humanitarian Intervention and the Distribution of Sovereignty in International Law" 22(4) Ethics & International Affairs 369-393 (2008).

"Indigenous Recognition in International Law 30(1) Michigan Journal of International Law 177-210 (2008). (download paper)

"Minority Rights in International Law" 6(3-4) International Journal of Constitutional Law 531 (2008). (download working paper)

"What is International Human Rights Law? Three Applications of a Distributive Account" (2007) 52 McGill Law Journal 3. (download working paper)

"The Political Economy of Fairness: The Labour Law Jurisprudence of Frank Iacobucci" (with B. Langille) (2007) University of Toronto Law Journal 343.

"Indigeni” in M. Flores, I Diritti Umani: Cultura dei diritti e dignita della persona nell’epoca della globalizzazione (Torino: Unione Typographico-Editrice Torinese, 2007) 737.

“Social Rights in Canada” in D. Barak-Erez & E. Gross (eds), Exploring Social Rights: Between Theory and Practice (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2007) 213. (download working paper)


"Militant Democracy, Legal Pluralism, and the Paradox of Self-Determination" (2006) 4 International Journal of Constitutional Law 488. (download working paper)


“The Wrong Vocabulary of Right: Minority Rights and the Boundaries of Political Community" in A. Sajo, ed., The Dark Side of Human Rights (Netherlands: Eleven International, 2006). (download working paper)


"New Labour Standards Compliance Strategies: Corporate Codes of Conduct and Social Labeling Programs" (with M. Trebilcock) (Research Report, Federal Labour Standards Review) (2006) online at:


"Rybná 9, Praha 1: Restitution and Memory in International Human Rights Law" (2005) 16 European Journal of International Law1. (download working paper from SSRN)

Corporate Accountability Under International Law: The Misguided Quest for Universal Jurisdiction” (2005) 7 International Law Forum 281.

"The Right to Bargain Collectively at International Law: Workers’ Right, Human Right, International Right?" in P. Alston, ed., Labour Rights as Human Rights (OxfordUniversity Press, 2005). (download working paper)

"Labour Law Beyond Borders" (2003) 5 Journal of International Economic Law 605. (download working paper)

"Social Rights, Social Citizenship, and Transformative Constitutionalism: A comparative assessment" (with D. Davis & G. Mundlak) in Joanne Conaghan, Michael Fischl & Karl Klare, eds., Labour Law in an Era of Globalization (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002) 511.

"The Maori Experiment" (2002) 52 University of Toronto Law Journal 1.

"Securing Accountability Through Commissions of Inquiry: A Role for the Law Commission of Canada" (with R. Centa) (2002) 39 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 117. (download paper)

"Canada’s Obligations at International Criminal Law" in Daniels et al., The Security of Freedom: Essays on Canada’s Anti-terrorism Bill (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001). (view abstract)

"The Probable Impact and Legal Effect of the Upcoming Referendum" The British Columbia Advocate.

"Indigenous Rights and Multinational Corporations at International Law" (2001) 24 Hastings International and Comparative Law Review 475.

“Indigenous Rights in the Inter-American System" (with E. Morgan) (2000) 22 Human Rights Quarterly 569.

“Secondary Picketing, Consumer Boycotts and the Charter” (2000) 7 Canadian Journal of Labour and Employment Law 1. (download paper)

“From Consultation to Reconciliation: Aboriginal Rights and the Crown’s Duty to Consult” (with S. Lawrence) (2000) 79 Canadian Bar Review 252. (download paper)

“Fiduciary Law and the British Columbia Treaty Process” in Pacific Business and Law Institute, Litigating Aboriginal Claims: Collected Papers (Conference Proceedings, 1998).

“Basic Features of the Constitution of Canada, with an Emphasis on the Canadian Charter and Aboriginal Rights” in B.V. Lal & T.R. Vakatora, eds., Fiji and the World (Suva: University of the South Pacific, 1997).

“Aboriginal Rights, State Obligations” (1997) 36 Alberta Law Review 97.

“What’s Law Got To Do With It? The Protection of Aboriginal Title in Canada” (1997) Osgoode Hall L.J. 125. (download paper

"The Impact of Treaty 9 on Natural Resource Development in Northern Ontario" in M. Asch, ed., Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1997).

"Fiduciary Obligation and Residential Schooling: A Case for Redress" (with D. Réaume) (Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, 1995) 95 pp.

"Normative Dimensions of an Aboriginal Right of Self-Government" (1995) 21 Queen's Law Journal 173. (download paper)

"North American Indigenous Sovereignty and the 1992 Charlottetown Accord: A Voice From the North" in Donald Grinde Jr., ed., The Unheard Voices: A Quincentenary Response to Columbus (1492-1992) (Los Angeles: UCLA American Indian Studies Center, 1994) 165.

"Developments in Employment Law: The 1992-93 Term" (1994) 5(2d) Supreme Court Law Review 269. (download paper

"Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian Constitution: Lessons for Australia?" (1994) 5 Public Law Review 11.

"Developments in Employment Law: The 1991-92 Term" (1993) 4(2d) Supreme Court Law Review 279. (download paper)

"Distributing Sovereignty: Indian Nations and Equality of Peoples" (1993) 45 Stanford Law Review 1311. (download paper)

"Ethnonationalism, Aboriginal Identities, and the Law" in M. Levin, ed., Ethnicity and Aboriginality: Case Studies in Ethnonationalism (Toronto: University of Toronto, 1993) 9.

"Aboriginal Justice, the Distribution of Legislative Authority, and the Judicature Provisions of the Constitution Act, 1867" in Aboriginal Peoples and the Justice System (Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, 1993) 326.

"Developments in Employment Law: The 1990-91 Term" (1992) 3(2d) Supreme Court Law Review 227. (download paper

"Aboriginal Peoples, Criminal Justice Initiatives and the Constitution" [1992] University of British Columbia Law Review 280 (Special Edition on Aboriginal Justice).

"Constitutional Ropes of Sand or Justiciable Guarantees? Social Rights in a New South African Constitution" (with C.Scott) (1992) 141 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1. (download paper)

"Resorting to Court: Can the Judiciary Deliver Justice for First Nations?" (with R. Townshend) in Engelstad & Bird, eds., Nation to Nation: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada (Toronto: Anansi, 1992) 78.

"Developments in Employment Law: The 1989-90 Term" (1991) 2(2d) Supreme Court Law Review 347. (download paper)

"First Nations Self-Government and the Borders of the Canadian Legal Imagination" (1991) 36 McGill Law Journal 382. (download paper)

"Aboriginal Rights and Canadian Sovereignty: An Essay on R. v. Sparrow" (with M. Asch) (1991) 29 Alberta Law Journal 498.

"Of Texts and Democratic Narratives" (Review Essay of Hutchinson, Dwelling on the Threshold) (1991) 41 University of Toronto Law Journal 114.

"Developments in Employment Law: The 1988-89 Term" (1990) 1(2d) Supreme Court Law Review 405.

"Property, Status and Workplace Organizing" (1990), 40 University of Toronto Law Journal 74-108

"Constitutional Ideologies" (1988) 20 Ottawa Law Review 117.

"Beyond Belief: Labour Law's Duty to Bargain" (with B. Langille) (1988) 13 Queen's Law Journal 62.

"Re Skapinker and the Mootness Doctrine" (with E. Gertner) (1984) 6 Supreme Court Law Review 369. (download paper)

"Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Canada" (1984) 42 University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review 50. (download paper)

Book Reviews

Review of S. Grammond, Identity Captured by Law: Membership in Canada's Indigenous Peoples and Linguistice Minorities (2010) 20(2) Great Plains Research 268.

Review of P. Bobbitt, Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century (2008), 64(4) International Journal 1166-69.

Review of  L. Drees, The Indian Association of Canada: A History of Political Action (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2002), University of Toronto Quarterly vol 73:1.

Review of R. Moon, The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression (2001) 71 University of Toronto Quarterly 1.

Review of Sidney L. Harring, White Man’s Law: Native People in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Jurisprudence (Toronto: University of Toronto Press/Osgoode Society for Legal History, 1998), (1999) 69(1) University of Toronto Quarterly 232.

Review of Leon Trakman, Reasoning With the Charter (1992) 24 Ottawa Law Review 289.

Review of Leo McGrady, A Guide to Organizing Unions (1991) 44 Industrial & Labor Relations Review 761.

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