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Advanced Introduction to Law and Development (co-authored with Michael Trebilcock), Edward Elgar (2014).

What Makes Poor Countries Poor? Institutional Dimensions of Development (co-authored with Michael Trebilcock), Edward Elgar (2011).


Edited Books

Economic Regulation and Democracy: The American and European Debates [in Portuguese] (co-edited with D. Coutinho, P. Mattos, R. Oliva, and J-P. Rocha), Thomson-Reuters (2017).

The Judiciary and the Regulatory State in Brazil [in Portuguese], FGV, Coleção Acadêmica Livre (2016).

Economic Regulation and Democracy: The European Debate [in Portuguese] (co-edited with D. Coutinho, P. Mattos, R. Oliva, and J-P. Rocha), Singular (2006)

Economic Regulation and Democracy: The American Debate [in Portuguese] (co-edited with D. Coutinho, P. Mattos, R. Oliva, and J-P. Rocha), Ed. 34 (2004)

Law Journal Articles 

“The Dilemmas of the Developmental State: Democracy and Economic Development in Brazil” (coauthored with Mario Schapiro and Diogo Coutinho), Law and Development Review, Vol. 9(2) (2016), pp. 369-410.

Using institutional multiplicity to address corruption as a collective action problem: Lessons from the Brazilian case The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Special Issue: Is there a Brazilian Development 'Model'? Vol. 62 (2016), pp. 56–65.

“The Brazilian Clean Company Act: Using Institutional Multiplicity for Effective Punishment (with Lindsey Carson and Izabela Correa), Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Vol. 53(1), 2016.

Brazilian Anti-Corruption Legislation and its Enforcement: Potential Lessons for Institutional Design” (with Lindsey Carson), Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, Vol. 4(1) (2016), pp. 34–71.

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“Process and Pattern in Institutional Reforms: The Police Pacifying Units in Brazil as an Institutional Bypass” (with Graham Denyer Willis), World Development, Vol. 64 (December 2014), pp. 232–242.

“The BRICS Bank’s potential to challenge the field of development cooperation” (with Fernanda Cimini), Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Vol. 2 (2014), pp. 147-197.

The Debatable Role of Courts in Brazil’s Health Care System: Does Litigation Harm or Help?”, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics Vol. 41, n.1 (Symposium: Global Health and the Law), Spring 2013, pp. 124-137.

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                Translation in Rev. Sociol. Polit. vol 21, no. 45, 2013. [Portuguese]

"Democracy and its Impact on Nominations for the Supreme Court and Independent Regulatory Agencies" (Co-authored with Claudia Turner), Revista de Direito Administrativo - RDA, n. 250 (Jan/April 2009). [Portuguese]

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"The Challenges and Risks of Creating Independent Regulatory Agencies: A Cautionary Tale from Brazil," 41:2 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, March 2008, pp. 435-503.

Book Chapters

"The rule of law from a law and economics perspective", in C. May, A. Winchester and G. Gardner (eds.), Rule of Law Handbook (Edward Elgar, forthcoming)

"Corruption Scandals, the Evolution of Anti-Corruption Institutions, and Their Impact on Brazil’s Economy", in E. Amand and C. Razonni (eds.), Oxford Handbook of the Brazilian Economy, (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

"Assessing The Theory Of Presidential Dominance: Empirical Evidence of The Relationship Between The Executive Branch And Regulatory Agencies" In Brazil, in S. Rose-Ackerman and P. Lindseth (eds.), Comparative Administrative Law (Edward Elgar, 2nd edition, forthcoming).

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"Accountability Mismatch: Independent Regulatory Agencies and the Lula Administration,"
in Regulatory agencies and Democracy (Gustavo Binenbojm ed., 2006). [Portuguese]

Reprint in The Limits of Democracy (Roberto Saba ed., 2005). [Spanish]

"Regulatory Agencies, Independence, and Institutional Design," in Regulatory Agencies (Instituto Tendencias de Direito e Economia ed., 2005). [Portuguese]


Presentations and Interviews

Law and Development Conference: From the global south perspectives, Buenos Aires, October 2016

Development Banks as Institutional Bypasses, The Shanghai Forum, May 2016

Past and Future of Future of Law and Development, Getulio Vargas Foundation, São Paulo, Brazil, December 2015

A Brazilian Model for Development, SAIS, Washington DC, November 2014

Folha de São Paulo, Punição a Corruptos tem apenas valor simbólico, December 2013

Radio CBN, É preciso incentivo e punições mais efetivas para combater corrupção, São Paulo, November 2013

Conference on Innovation in Governance for Development Finance, New York University, April 2013


Popular Articles 

Peace, Justice, and SDG 16: Hope over Experience”, Development Ideas Blog, March 2016.

“Brazil: Tackling Corruption through Institutional Multiplicity”, Policy in Focus, Vol. 12, Issue No. 3, December 2015, pp. 30-33. Published by The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, United Nations Development Programme.

“Bitcoins go Boom: Will the World's Favorite Cryptocurrency Explode or Implode?”, Foreign Affairs, January 30, 2014.

"Like a coronary bypass, for governments" NEXUS Magazine, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Fall/Winter 2010, p. 30-31.

"Human Rights and Development: Can This Dialogue be More Productive?" IHRP Rights Review Newsletter, Volume 2, Spring 2009, p. 3.

"Ethanol and Global Warming: The Jury is Still Out", NEXUS Magazine, Fall 2007, pp. 43-45.

"What Else Do We Need to Start Thinking Seriously About Public Policies in Brazil?", Correio Braziliense (Newspaper), Special Issue on Law & Justice, March 19, 2007.   [Portuguese]



Institutional Bypass: An Alternative for Development Reform 

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