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Co-editor, Constitutional Law:  Cases and Materials (1994)


Transnational Perspectives on the U.S. Transnational Law Controversy” (2011) Tulsa Law Review, Vol. 47. 379-404. (Actual publication date, Summer 2012)

"This New Democracy... : ' Justice Iacobucci and Canada's Rights Revolution", (2007) 57 UTLJ, 399-413.

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"Introduction", Journal of Law and Equality, special issue: Equality, the Heart of A Just Society (Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Equality Guarantee under the Charter) Law and Equality journal

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"Comment on Canadian Constitutionalism", in Georg Nolte, ed., European and US Constitutionalism, Cambridge University Press (previously listed as submitted) (download paper)

"The Charter's First Twenty Years: Assessing the Impact and Anticipating the Future", 2002 Isaac Pitblado Keynote Lecture, 1- 1-18

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"Limitations on Rights in a Constitutional Democracy” (1996) 6 Caribbean Law Review 428.  (Revision of an article prepared for a conference, “The Nature and Legitimacy of Judicial Review,” December 1994, Israel.)

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"The Body and the Body Politic: Assisted Suicide under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” (1994) 39 McGill Law Journal 618. (download paper)

"The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a Model for the New Israeli Basic Laws” (1993) 4 Constitutional Forum 85 (download paper)

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Op-ed pieces on constitutional proposals:  Globe & Mail, Canadian Jewish News

Legal Analysis of the Draft Legal Text Constitutional Proposals (25 pages, single spaced), signed by 15 legal academics, released just before vote on Charlottetown Accord.

"The Appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Charter Era:  A Study in Judicial Role and Institutional Design" Appointing Judges: Philosophy, Politics and Practice, Ontario Law Reform Commission Publication, 1991 at 109.

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"Women in the Legal Profession:  Old Issues, Current Problems" in Women in the Legal Profession - the Law Firm of the 1980's:  Attracting and Retaining Women Practitioners, (1990) Law Society of Upper Canada Gazette 71.

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"The Supreme Court of Canada and Section 1 of the Charter" (1986) 10 Sup. Ct. L. Rev. 469 (download paper

"The Religion Clauses: Reading the Lesson" (1986) 8 Sup. Ct. L. Rev. 507 (download paper)

Law Times Column: "Second Opinion"

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