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Chapters in Books

“Securities Law Enforcement and the Rule of Law” (with Jeffrey G. MacIntosh) Enforcement of Corporate and Securities Law: China and the World, eds. Robin Hui Huang and Nicholas Calcina Howson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017)

“Securities Law Enforcement and the Rule of Law”, in Public and Private Enforcement of Company Law and Securities Regulation – China and the World, Robin Huang, ed. (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2016) 

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"Corporations and Partnerships -- Canada", in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Kluwer Publications, Netherlands, (approx. 40 pages) (1993)

Book Reviews

Review of Adams, Annotated Ontario Business Corporations Act, Can. Bar Rev. (1992)

Review of T. Hadden, R.E. Forbes and R.A. Simmonds, Canadian Business Organizations Law, 11 Can. Bus. L .J. 366-384 (1986).  

Monographs, Reports, etc.

2014 “Comment on CCMRA (Submission to the Ontario Securities Commission re proposed Cooperative Canadian Market Regulatory Authority, December 8, 2014) (14,870 words)

2014 “High Frequency Traders: Angels or Devils?” C.D. Howe Institute, Commentary No. 391 (November, 2014) (10,279 words)
2014 Witness Statement: Professor Jeffrey Gordon MacIntosh re Baker et al. v. Director, Ministry of the Environment (Environmental Review Tribunal Case Nos. 12-158 to 12-169) (19,319 words)
2011 "Some Reflections on Magna and Dual Class Share Structures" (invited paper fpr Capital Markets Institute, March 2011) (16,000 words). 

2007 "Comparative Takeover Defenses: Canada and the United States" (research for Bank of Canada) (15 single-spaced pages)

2006 "Differences Between Canadian and U.S. Corporate Law" (research for Bank of Canada) (32 single-spaced pages)

2006 "Securities Regulation: Differences in Institutional Structure Between Canada and the United States" (research for Bank of Canada) (25 single-spaced pages)

2006 "Corporate Governance: An Evaluation of the Post-SOX Differences Between Canada and the United States" (with Kamil Ahmed) (research for Bank of Canada) (25 single-spaced pages)

2005-2006  "Review of Shareholder Rights in Canada and Comparison to the United States", prepared for the Bank of Canada (approximately 200 double-spaced pages)

2001  "Change at the Exchange", paper for Ministry of Finance (Ontario) examining the OSC's exempt market proposal, the affect of the stock exchange reorganization and ATS trading systems on the financing of small, technology firms (approx. 150 double-spaced pages)

1997 "Questions Relating to Pension Fund Governance", and "Background Paper for Kirby Committee on Pension Fund Governance", prepared for the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce (Chairman, The Honourable Michael Kirby)

1996 "Questions for Institutional Investors" and "Explanatory Paper Accompanying Text of Questions for Institutional Investors", prepared for the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce (Chairman, The Honourable Michael Kirby)

1996 Ontario Securities Commission Task Force on Small Business Financing: Final Report (Task Force member)

1995 Ontario Securities Commission Task Force on Small Business Financing: Proposal for Comment (Task Force member)

1994 Legal and Institutional Barriers to Financing Innovative Enterprise in Canada, monograph repared for the Government and Competitiveness Project, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University, Discussion Paper 94-10 (Summer, 1994, 189 journal-set pages)

1990 National Securities Regulation: Costs and Benefits: A Preliminary Study: study done for the Federal Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Fall, 1990, with Ronald Daniels,  Paul Halpern, and Lawrence Booth (approx. 200 pages)

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