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Journal Articles

Is a Fine Still a Price? Replication as Robustness in Empirical Legal Studies, co-authored with Cherie Metcalf, Shahar Dillbary & Brock Stoddard (accepted for publication, International Review of Law & Economics)

Entrepreneurs’ Legal Status Choices and the C Corporation Survival Penalty 16:3 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 542 (2019) (peer-reviewed); reviewed by Professor Ariel Jurow Kleiman on TaxProf Blog

Electing into a Value-Added Tax: Evidence from Ontario Microentrepreneurs 66:4 Canadian Tax Journal 761 (2018) (peer-reviewed)

Rewarding Honest Taxpayers: An Experimental Assessment 22:1 Florida Tax Review 200 (2018) (faculty-edited) 

On the Threshold: Smallness and the Value-Added Tax 9 Columbia Journal of Tax Law 177 (2018); reviewed by Professor Erin Scharff on TaxProf Blog and by Professor Mirit Eyal-Cohen on TaxProf Blog

Replication and Evaluation of Goolsbee, Lovenheim and Slemrod’s "Playing With Fire: Cigarettes, Taxes and Competition from the Internet" 46(5) Public Finance Review 879 (2018) (peer-reviewed)

Can Audits Encourage Tax Evasion? An Experimental Assessment 20 Florida Tax Review 1 (2016) (faculty-edited); profiled by Robert Wood in Forbes and included in the literature review of the U.S. Taxpayer Advocate Service’s 2016 Report to Congress

Tax Elections as Screens 42:1 Queen's Law Journal 63 (2016) (peer-reviewed); reviewed by Professor Leigh Osofsky in Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) and Professor Kim Brooks in Friday Library 

Taxing By Default 59:2 McGill Law Journal 337 (2013) (peer-reviewed)

Entry-Level Entrepreneurs and the Choice-of-Entity Challenge 10 Pittsburgh Tax Review 139 (2013) (peer-reviewed)