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Articles/Book Chapters

Thinking Like a Private Lawyer” 68 University of Toronto Law Journal 166 (2018)

Property and Homelessness” 44 Philosophy and Public Affairs 266 (2016)

Nuisance and the Normative Boundaries of Ownership” 52 Tulsa Law Review 85 (2016)

Intentional Action and Law” 8 Jurisprudence 110 (2016)

A Theory of Legal Obligation” in The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin (Stefan Sciaraffa and Wil Waluchow, eds, OUP 2016), pp 245-269

Legal Powers in Private Law” 21 Legal Theory 136 (2015)

How Law Matters in Why Law Matters” 12 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies 1 (2015)

Review of James Penner and Henry Smith (eds.), "Philosophical Foundations of Property Law", in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2014)

Property in Licenses and the Law of Things” 59 McGill Law Journal 559 (2014)

The Office of Ownership” 63 University of Toronto Law Journal 418 (2013)

Legal Obligation and Reasons” 19 Legal Theory 63 (2013)

From Raz’s Nexus to Legal Normativity” 25 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 465 (2012)

A Dilemma for Protected Reasons” 31 Law and Philosophy 49 (2012)

“Tort Law and Happiness” 36 Queen’s Law Journal 1 (2010)

Normativity, Fairness and the Problem of Factual Uncertainty” 47 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 665 (2009) (with Andrew Botterell)

Dignity and Membership, Equality and Egalitarianism: Economic Rights and Section 15” 19 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 407 (2006)


The Law of Bilingual Interpretation. Toronto: Carswell, 2008. (with Michel Bastarache, Naiomi Metallic and Regan Morris). French Translation: Le droit de l’interprétation bilingue. Montreal: LexisNexis 2009.