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Articles and Book Chapters

Legal Traditions or Legal Systems?, in H. Dedek and W. Twining, eds.,SUSTAINABLE DIVERSITY IN LAW. ESSAYS IN MEMORY OF H. PATRICK GLENN (forthcoming 2018). 

Les différentes configurations de l’espace juridique contractuel en droit français et en droit anglais (2015) 7 Droit et philosophie--Annuaire de l’Institut Michel Villey, pp. 47-81.

United Rentals v. RAM Holdings as Transplant Failure: Strategic Ambiguity, Good Faith and the Forthright Negotiator Principle in US Contract Law (2015) XV Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law, pp. 57-85.

Review Essay of J. Bomhoff, Balancing Constitutional Rights:  The Origins and Meanings of Postwar Legal Discourse (CUP, 2013), (2014) 62 American Journal of Comparative Law, pp. 809-810.

Comparative Law and Legal Diversity—Theorising about the Edges of Law (2014) V Transnational Legal Theory, pp. 557-576 (with Matthew Grellette).

Three Perils of Legal Pluralism, in S.P. Donlan and L. Heckendorn Urscheler, eds., CONCEPTS OF LAW: COMPARATIVE, JURISPRUDENTIAL, AND SOCIAL SCIENCE PERSPECTIVES (Ashgate: October 2014), pp. 123-135.

Three Functions of Function in Comparative Legal Studies, in M. Adams and D. Heirbaut, eds., The Method and Culture of Comparative Law—Essays in Honour of Mark Van Hoecke (Hart Publishing, 2014), pp. 99-111 (with Matthew Grellette).

English Consideration and French Causa: The Best of Faux Amis, in O. Kresin, ed., Comparativistica Yearbook 2012: Comparative Jurisprudence, Comparative State Studies, Comparative Political Studies (Moscow, Infra M, 2013), pp. 120-25.

Reflections on Comparative Law Methodology-Getting Inside Contract Law, in M. Adams and J. Bomhoff, eds., PRACTICE AND THEORY IN COMPARATIVE LAW (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012), pp. 53-105.


Partial reprint and favourable commentary in L'Express, Toronto, September 15, 2010.

"Theory, Explanation, and Comparison in Comparative Law—A Review Essay of Elements of Quebec Civil Law: A Comparison with the Common Law of Canada/Éléments de Common Law canadienne: comparaison avec le droit civil québécois edited by Aline Grenon and Louise Bélanger-Hardy", (2010) 58 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW, pp. 737-750.

"The French Response to the World Bank’s Doing Business Reports," in  “Symposium in Honour of Michael Trebilcock,” (2010) 60 UNIVERSITY OF  TORONTO LAW JOURNAL, pp. 197-217.

"Les deux couleurs de l’offre—l’appel d’offres en droit civil et en  common law", in G. Miranda and B. Moore, eds., MÉLANGES EN L’HONNEUR  DU PROFESSEUR ADRIAN POPOVICI (Thémis, 2010), pp. 339-356.

"On Comparing French and English Contract Law: Insights from Social Contract Theory", (2009) IV JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW, pp. 69-95.

Cited and described as an “illuminating article” by the House of Lords 
in Chartbrook Ltd. v. Persimmon Homes Ltd. et al., [2009] UKHL 38, at 
para. 39. 

"Introduction" to "Focus: Economics and Comparative Law" 59 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LAW JOURNAL (2009), pp. 179-183.

Le système de droit en droit comparé—Réflexions  sur l'épistémologie d'une définition, in P. Legrand, ed., COMPARER LES DROITS, RÉSOLUMENT (Presses Universitaires de France, 2009), pp. 99-121.

"The Different Rhetorics of the French and English Law of Contractual Interpretation", in J. Neyers, ed., EXPLORING CONTRACT LAW (Hart Publisher, 2008), pp. 77-114.

"Divergence and Convergence among English, French, and German Conceptions of Contract", 16 EUROPEAN REVIEW OF PRIVATE LAW (2008), pp. 29-62.

"'Precedent' and 'Legal System' in Comparative Law—A Canadian Perspective", in E. Hondius, ed. PRECEDENT IN COMPARATIVE LAW (Amsterdam: Bruylant, 2007), pp.85-110.

"Some Thoughts on the Comparative Jurisprudence of Mistakes in Assumption", in M. Bryan and A. Robertson, eds., PRIVATE LAW IN THEORY AND PRACTICE (London: Cavendish, 2006), pp. 165-175. 

"Comparative History and the Internal View of French, German, and English Private Law", XIX CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE (2006), pp. 133-160.

"Consensualisme et objectivisme dans le droit français de l'erreur dans les conventions", 2 REVUE DE LA RECHERCHE JURIDIQUE (2005), pp. 661-684.

"Comparative Legal Education in Canada", 39 THÉMIS (2005), pp. 483-505.

"Comparative Law as Comparative Jurisprudence-The Comparability of Legal Systems," 52 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW (2004), pp. 713-740.

"Global Law Teaching", 54 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION(2004), pp. 160-182.

"L'enseignement du droit comparé à l'ère de la mondialisation--les yeux plus grands que la panse?" in Y. Gendreau, ed., DROIT ET SOCIÉTÉ (Thémis, 2004), pp. 169-190.

"Le contrat en tant qu'instrument de justice privée: possibilités et limites" in N. Kasirer and P. Noreau, eds., SOURCES ET INSTRUMENTS DE JUSTICE EN DROIT PRIVÉ (Thémis, 2002), pp. 39-69.

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"Hercules Revisited: An Evolutionary Model of Judicial Reasoning", 59 MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL (1987), pp. 1-69.

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