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I was and am also a contributor to the 4th edition in 1986, 5th edition in 1991, the 7th edition in 2004, the 8th edition, 2011 and the 9th edition, 2018, now published by Irwin Law). 

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Book Review Symposium: "The future of the International Labour Organization in the global economy", by Francis Maupain. (2014) International Labour Review.

The short papers in this book review symposium are based on the authors’ contributions to a workshop, which I organized, held in Montreal in May 2014, where they were invited to comment on Francis Maupain’s (2014) book, The future of the International Labour Organization in the Global Economy. The workshop took place within the framework of the International Conference “New frontiers for citizenship at work” organized by the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT).
69    Introduction Brian Langille and Guy Mundlak
73    Beyond the “rules of the game” Adelle Blackett
79    In search of coherence? Guy Mundlak
85    The ILO: Challenges in times of crisis Kerry Rittich
91    Reinventing the ILO Steve Charnovitz
97    Persuading the prisoners Brian Langille
103  Revisiting the future Francis Maupain

"Large Legal Lessons From the 'Fight Against Child Labour'" (A review of Child Labour in a Globalized World: An Ananlysis of ILO Action edited by Nesi, Nogler, and Pertile (Ashgate, 2008)) Giornale di Diritto del Lavoro e di Relazoni Industiali (2009).

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        This is a Portuguese version of "What is International Labour Law For?" 

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