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“Reclaiming Proportionality,” Journal of Applied Philosophy, Volume 34, Issue 1, 1-18 (2017)

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Chapters in Books

“The Innate Right of Humanity and the Right to Justification” forthcoming in Ester Herlin Karnell and Matthias Klatt (eds) Cosmopolitan Law as Justification. Oxford University Press 2018
“Embodied Free Beings under Public Law: A Reply” forthcoming in Sari Kisilevsky and Martin Stone (eds.) Freedom and Force: Essays on Kant’s Political Philosophy (Oxford: Hart Publishing) (Reply to essays on Force and Freedom by A.J. Julius, Katrin Flikschuh, Japa Pallikkathayil, George Pavlakos, Andrea Sangiovanni, Martin Stone, Daniel Weinstock, and Allen Wood.) 179-214.
Ripstein, Arthur, and Sergio Tenenbaum “Directionality and Virtuous Ends: Kant on Our Duties Regarding Animals” in Lucy Allais, Kant on Animals, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
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* Video of comments by Tony Honore, Regius Professor of Civil Law Emeritus at Oxford  (self-extracting video file)

* Response by Arthur Ripstein (self-extracting video file)

Corrective Justice in an Age of Mass Torts” with B. Zipursky) in G. Postema (ed) Philosophy and the Law of Torts (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 2001) pp. 214-249.

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Private Wrongs Harvard University Press 2016. In Press. 330 pages.

Equality, Responsibility and the Law  Cambridge University Press 1998.  307 pages

Awarded Nicholas Hoare/Renaud Bray Book Prize of the Canadian Philosophical Association, 2001

Reviewed in: American Political Science Review (Mark Graber) Canadian Journal of Philosophy (Richard Arneson) Canadian Political Science Review (Colin McLeod) Economics and Philosophy (John Christman) Law and Philosophy (Larry Alexander) Michigan Law Review (John Goldberg) Mind (Antony Duff) University of Toronto Law Journal (John Gardner) Ethics (William Edmunsdon) Modern Law Review (William Lucy) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (Joanna Perkins) Philosophy in Review (Samantha Brennan) Philosophical Quarterly

Force and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy Harvard University Press, 2009.  

Books Edited

Immanuel Kant (Aldershot: Ashgate 2008) 525 pages.

Ronald Dworkin (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2007) 186 pages.

Practical Rationality and Preference: Essays for David Gauthier (edited with Christopher W. Morris) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001)

Law and Morality (edited with David Dyzenhaus) University of Toronto Press,  1996 (an anthology for use in undergraduate courses). 780 pages.

Second Edition, September 2001. 1008 pages

Third edition (edited with David Dyzenhaus and Sophia Moreau), March 2007. 1018 pages

Philosophy and Criminal Law (edited with Mark Thornton) special issue of Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence January, 1998.

Book Reviews

Review of Allen Wood, The Free Development of Each: Studies on Freedom, Right and Ethics in Classical German Philosophy, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2014

Review of Antony Duff, Punishment, Communication and Community, Philosophical Quarterly, 2002.

Review of Jeremy Waldron, Law and Disagreement, Philosophical Review 2001.

Review of T.M. Scanlon, What We Owe to Each Other, Philosophy in Review 20:1, 73-76, (2000).

Review of Antony Duff (ed.), Philosophy and the Criminal Law, Philosophical Quarterly 2000.

Review of John Martin Fischer and Mark Ravizza, Responsibility and Control, Philosophy in Review 18:6 1998.

Review of Martha Nussbaum et al, For Love of Country, Dialogue 1998.

Review of Jules Coleman and Allan Buchanan (eds), In Harm's Way: Essays in Honor of Joel Feinberg, Philosophical Books, March 1997

Review of Richard Miller, Moral Differences, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, 1993

Review of Allan Gibbard, Wise Choices, Apt Feelings, Philosophical Review, January 1993

Review of Jean Hampton, Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition, Canadian Philosophical Reviews,
March 1988.

Review of Russell Hardin, Morality Within the Limits of Reason, Canadian Journal of Political
, Vol 22, no. 3 (Sept. 1989).

Review of Gary Herbert, Thomas Hobbes: The Unity of Scientific and Moral Wisdom, Ethics, July 1990.

Review of David Miller, Market, State and Community, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, 1992.

Popular Pieces

"Undue Burdens" Boston Review March/April 1995.

"Animal Rights and Wrongs" Canadian Dimension July 1988 p. 9 10

15  Op-Ed and "Principles" pieces, Toronto Globe and Mail, various dates, 1990-92.

Radio Specials

War and Peace (two part special with Michael Blake and Simone Chambers) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, November 12 and 13. (2015)
My Brother and Sister’s Keeper (two part special with Michael Blake and Simone Chambers) IDEAS,
CBC Radio 1, May 2013
Freedom of Expression (two part special with Michael Blake and Simone Chambers) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, May 2011.
Secularism (Two Part Special with Michael Blake, Mohammad Fadel, and Simone Chambers) IDEAS
CBC Radio One, April 19-20, 2010
Democracy (two part special with Michael Blake and Simone Chambers) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, May 2009
“The Dog Ate My Homework,” (with Michael Blake and Simone Chambers) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1,
March 2008
“Emergencies,” (with Sophia Moreau and Michael Blake) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, May 2006.
“Borders and Boundaries,” (with Seana Shiffrin and Michael Blake) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, July 2005.

"Borders and Boundaries" (With Seana Shiffrin and Michael Blake) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, July 2005.

"Authority"(with Seana Shiffrin and Gopal Sreenivasan) IDEAS CBC Radio 1, May 2004.

"Coercion" (with Michael Blake and Gopal Sreenivasan) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, June 2004.

"The Truth About Lying" (with Michael Blake and Samantha Brennan) IDEAS CBC Radio 1, May 27, 2002.

“For Your Own Good” (with Michael Blake and Samantha Brennan) IDEAS CBC Radio 1, February 7, 2001

“Tough Luck” (With Mayo Moran and Daniel Weinstock) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1,  October 27, 1998

“The Public Good Matters” (with Will Kymlicka and Christine Sypnowich) IDEAS, CBC Radio 1, November 29, 1996

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