Professor of Law and Hon. Frank H. Iacobucci Chair in Capital Markets Regulation Emeritus
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Tony Duggan was appointed to the Faculty in 1999. Previously, he held the Henry Bournes Higgins Chair in Law at Monash University, Victoria, Australia and before that he was on the Faculty of Law at the University of Melbourne.  He was Associate Dean at the University of Toronto from 2002-2004 and Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne from 1980-1983.  He held the Honourable Frank H. Iacobucci Chair in Capital Markets Regulation at the University of Toronto from 2000 until his retirement in 2020. Prior to retiring, Professor Duggan taught Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy Law and Trusts. He has published widely in these areas and also in the areas of contract law, consumer credit and consumer protection. Professor Duggan is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Business Law Journal.

Selected publications


Anthony Duggan, Australian Personal Property Securities Law (3rd ed., LexisNexis Australia, Sydney, 2021).

Anthony Duggan, The Ontario Personal Property Security Act Commentary and Analysis (3rd ed., Toronto: LexisNexis Canada, 2020) (with Jacob S. Ziegel and David L. Denomme).

Middle Income Access to Justice (University of Toronto Press, 2012), (ed., with Michael Trebilcock and Lorne Sossin).

Book chapters

“Secured Transactions Law Reform in Developed Jurisdictions” in Louise Gullifer and Dora Neo (eds), Secured Transactions Law in Asia (Bloomsbury: Hart Publishing, 2020)

“Current Issues in Secured Transactions Law in Canada: An Ontario Perspective” in Louise Gullifer and Orkun Akseli (eds), Secured Transactions Law Reform: Principles, Policies and Practice” (Bloomsbury: Hart Publishing, 2016)

“Contracts, Fiduciaries and the Primacy of the Deal” in Elise Bant and Matthew Harding (eds), Exploring Private Law (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2010).

“The Profits of Conscience: Commercial Equity in the High Court of Australia” in Peter Cane (ed.), Centenary Essays for the High Court of Australia (Sydney: Lexis Nexis Butterworths, 2004).

Journal articles

“The Death and Resurrection of the Lowest Intermediate Balance Rule (2017) 80 Saskatchewan Law Review 209.

“Set-Off, Flawed Assets and Security Interests in Cash Deposits” (2016) 31 Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 201.

“The Constructive Trust in Insolvency: A Canadian Perspective” (2016) 94 Canadian Bar Review 95.

Fiduciary Obligations in the Supreme Court of Canada: A Retrospective” (2011) 50 Canadian Business Law Journal (special 50th anniversary issue) 453.

“Proprietary Remedies in Insolvency: A Comparison of the Restatement (Third) of Restitution & Unjust Enrichment with English and Commonwealth Law” (2011) 68 Washington and Lee Law Review 1229.

Consumer Credit Redux” (2010) 60 University of Toronto Law Journal 689.

Research areas
Bankruptcy/Insolvency Law
Business Law
Equity and Trusts