Monday, November 11, 2019 - 12:30pm
Rowell Room, Flavelle House

NOTE: All are welcome. Lunch will be served. Thanks to the Law Foundation of Ontario for their support of this new initiative. Please join us!

About this Teaching Series

Indigenous legal orders operate across Turtle Island and have for thousands of years. While the Nations and laws are diverse, all legal orders have, at their core, ethical codes of conduct that could be used in Canadian law schools as a framework to teach legal ethics. In this series of teachings, we will welcome Elders, Knowledge Keepers and other Traditional Teachers to share stories and lead discussions on how we can use Indigenous law to create more ethical lawyers in the Canadian justice system.  

Speaker Bio

Grandmother Pauline Shirt was born and raised in Saddle Lake Reserve, Alberta.

Grandmother Pauline is greatly recognized for her commitment to the Toronto Native community and for her dedication as a teacher and lecturer since the late sixties. She is a member of the Three Fires Society and the Buffalo Dance Society. She is a Founder of the First Nations School and the Red Willow, just two examples of her hard work ethic and perseverance to enhancing the betterment of the Toronto Aboriginal community.

Today, Pauline serves as a mentor to many Aboriginal youth and young families as an experienced and trusted Grandmother. She also works in all levels of government conducting Opening Prayers and attending meetings, making sure the Aboriginal community is positively recognized as she offers a voice for her people.