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Davina Shivratan, 4L (JD/MBA), David H Gordon Award

Davina ShivratanHometown: Toronto

Undergraduate degree[s]: BBA

Undergraduate institution[s]: Schulich School of Business

I was drawn to law because of my passion for creative problem-solving in challenging, fast paced environments. While completing my BBA degree at the Schulich School of Business, I discovered the various ways the legal practice shapes business, and was drawn by the great impact law has on the world around us.  

I believed the University of Toronto would provide a strong academic foundation and range of opportunities that would push me to develop the analytical and advocacy skills needed to be successful. The JD/MBA program, in particular, provided a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge in a setting that also pushed me to become a better teammate and leader.

Law school has been a tremendous experience that has pushed me to think more critically, and has provided countless opportunities for growth. During my time in the program, I have been fortunate to serve as the president of the JD/MBA Students' Association, co-president of Women & the Law, and director of subscriptions for the University of Toronto Law Review. I have also been able to learn from some of the brightest professors, and get further involved as a research assistant at the Faculty of Law and finance teaching assistant at Rotman School of Management. 

I hope to become a strong corporate leader who can make a positive impact in the business community. My experiences in the JD/MBA program have allowed me to pursue this goal by opening doors of opportunity, and helping me grow both personally and professionally.

The Faculty of Law bursaries have helped alleviate the heavy financial burden of the JD/MBA program, and has allowed me to freely focus on my passions. With the bursaries, I have been able to gain an enriching experience without having to compromise.

The bursaries allowed me to confidently decide to attend the top law school in Canada without any worry or hesitation. It has given me the freedom to make decisions based on my personal goals and objectives, rather than burdening concerns of law school debt.

The University of Toronto provides an unparalleled education, but one that is financially inaccessible to many. Bright students should not have to compromise on having a great education. Supporting the Faculty of Law by giving can help support this strong institution and help it further create opportunities for the many students to come. 

Great lawyers can come from any and all backgrounds. With the help of the donors, we are truly able to achieve excellence without barriers.

Contribution to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law’s student financial aid program is an investment into the future leaders of the world. With the help of alumni, brilliant students can pursue their dreams and make a meaningful impact on society.