LSAP Class
The LSAP class of 2018 farewell celebration at the Borden Ladner Gervais LLP law firm in downtown Toronto


About the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test designed specifically for admission to law schools. It may be written globally for use toward Canadian and USA law school admission. It is administered entirely by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), a nonprofit organization located in the USA. It is the LSAC, and not any law school, that creates, schedules, conducts and scores the LSAT.  Therefore, to understand the format and content of the test please go to the official LSAT website.

Free LSAT preparation open to everyone

  1. Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep®
     Available daily, anyone may take the personalized, online Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep® program offered by LSAC.

  2. Official LSAT Prep®
    Available daily, using a laptop/desktop, anyone may practice two past official tests using the Law Hub test platform provided by LSAC. 

The annual UofT Law School Access Program (LSAP)

  1. The UofT Faculty of Law offers the LSAP, a free LSAT preparation program for certain high-potential undergraduate students and recent degree graduates. 
    • The program is held once each summer, from early May to late August to prepare for LSAT tests that follow immediately in the autumn. Classes are held twice a week on weekdays. 
    • All participants must commit to attend at least 95% of the lectures, attendance will be checked throughout the program. 

UofT LSAP Specifications 2021

Applications Open:
March 9, 2021
Application Deadline:
April 20, 2021. Closed.
Selection notification:
April 20-27, 2021
Program Duration:
May 17 - August 19, 2021
Mondays and Thursdays - instructional classes
Wednesdays and Fridays - tutorials
Where a holiday falls on a Monday, the class will be held the day after, on Tuesday
Daytime and/or Evening sections
Online in 2021
$0.  Free for participants 
Class size:
No more than 60 in total from all categories

 UofT LSAP Features 

  • Comprehensive preparation and training for writing the LSAT test in the autumn immediately following LSAC Diversity Mattersthe LSAP
    • Taught by an experienced LSAT instructor
    • Includes all study materials and practice tests, and additional study group support
    • Program participants from low-income families will receive a waiver of LSAT test registration fee
    • We are grateful to LSAC and its Diversity Matters initiatives for the license to use Official LSAT past tests
  • Law school admissions and financial aid information and support, including information about:
    • The admissions process and the impact of your LSAT and GPA
    • How to draft an effective personal statement; how to choose the right law school
    • How to finance your legal education
  • BLG logoExposure to law school and the legal profession
    • Opportunities to hear from current law students and practicing lawyers
    • We are grateful to law firm Borden Ladner Gervais LLP for its partnership and support
  • Ongoing support and mentorship
    • Optional mentoring with current law students
    • Ongoing access to individual advice from law school admissions staff

UofT LSAP Success 

Alvin YauI was very fortunate to join the LSAP in the summer of 2014. I learned all about what it means to be a law student, what exactly a lawyer does and can do, and how the UofT Law community will help students succeed in pursuing that vocation.

Students admitted to this free program received free LSAT study resources and prep classes, fee waivers for the LSAT exam and the OLSAS law school application. Moreover, we learned from and met many great members of the UofT Law community who helped us throughout the summer leading up to the LSAT test dates.

This program gave me and my peers the skills, insight, and confidence to do well in the LSAT and in our law school applications. It motivated me to follow through with the law school application process and it has helped me and many of my classmates to attain a legal education. This program ensured that students of a similar background and passion for legal advocacy can pursue that vocation in spite of financial hindrances.

I always felt so welcomed at the UofT Law community while I was an LSAP student and that feeling remains strong today.

Alvin Yau
BBA, York University
2018 JD graduate, UofT Law
Class of 2014, LSAP 

UofT LSAP Eligibility (all of A-D)


  • You are fully committed to writing the October 2021 LSAT for admission to start law school in Fall 2022


  • You are currently in the 3rd or 4th year of an undergraduate degree program
  • You graduated with a university/college degree in, or after 2019


  • Your cumulative average on all undergraduate courses completed to date, from all years of study is at least a mid-B (on your school's grading scale)


  1. Your immediate FAMILY is a low-income family in Canada

    • Your immigration status in Canada is one of: Canadian citizen, permanent resident, protected person or convention refugee.
    • The criterion is the income-level of the family, not the individual. See Table 1 of the Federal Income Scales (Quebec only | rest of Canada) to determine if your family may be low-income.
    • In order to be considered for the UofT LSAP you must also apply for, and obtain a LSAC Fee Waiver for Canada.
      Do not delay with obtaining the fee waiver since it can take 3 weeks for a complete waiver application to be processed. The fee waiver application will require the submission of financial documents such as government student loan assessments and tax assessments of parents/guardians.
  2.  You are an Indigenous person of Canada
    Persons with Indigenous heritage including First Nations, Inuit, Métis etc.

  3. You are a graduate of the LAWS high school program
    LAWS graduates who are in low-income families must also apply for, and obtain a LSAC Fee Waiver for Canada

  4. You are a current or former member of Black Future Lawyers (BFL)
    BFL members who are in low-income families must also apply for, and obtain a LSAC Fee Waiver for Canada

Apply for UofT LSAP (all of A-D)


  • In order to be considered for UofT LSAP, everyone will need to obtain a LSAC account.
  • If you do not have one, please sign up BEFORE you fill out the UofT LSAP application form, since the form will ask for your LSAC account number (L number).


  • Applications and supporting documents must be received at the law school by April 20, 2021
  • Applicants from low-income families must apply by the (extended) April 20 deadline, and will have until April 30 to submit proof of receipt of the LSAC Fee WaiverDo not delay with obtaining the fee waiver since it can take 3 weeks for a complete waiver application to be processed.




  • Submit SEPARATELY from the online application form, all requested documents to JD Admissions at Admissions Office by email to
  • Unrequested documents such as references, letters of support, diplomas, certificates, coursework samples will be ignored.
  1. Academic Transcripts
    • One up-to-date transcript of grades from EACH and EVERY post-secondary institution you have attended
    • Not Acceptable: Photos/images of transcript documents
    • Not Acceptable: Documents sent by standard mail (Canada Post etc.)
    • Acceptable: PDFs of unofficial transcripts taken from student record online portals
    • Acceptable: PDFs of hardcopy transcripts
    • Acceptable: Official transcripts emailed directly from the school's transcript office

    • Transcript documents must include both the grades obtained for each course AND the overall grading scale (transcript legend) for your program of study.
    • On hardcopy official transcripts, both sets of information are provided, typically with grades on one side of the sheet, and the grading scale on the reverse side.
    • For transcripts from student portals, the grading scale is located in the academic course calendar (hardcopy or online). Provide the PDF of the grading scale, and not the URL of the website.

  2. A current Resume in WORD or PDF format
  3. A Personal Statement in WORD or PDF format
    • In your own words, write a 500-word description of all of:
      - your interest in the law/becoming a lawyer
      - what makes you a strong candidate to obtain a legal education
      - a life-lesson that has impacted you personally  
      - if applicable, any obstacles (personal, financial, etc.) to achievement that you may have faced
  4. Regardless of applicant category, applicants in low-income families will also need to submit by April 30, proof of receipt of the LSAC Fee Waiver


Please contact the JD Admissions Office