Harold J. Wolfe, LLB 1966When Harold J. Wolfe, LLB 1966, heard about the building campaign, he took the initiative and called his former classmate, the Hon. James Farley, co-chair of the Class of 1966 Campaign.

“Supporting the campaign just felt right to me,” says Wolfe.

Wolfe attended the Faculty of Law when the “legal gurus” were teaching: Professors Wright, Milner, Able and Laskin. He is grateful for the critical thinking and analytical skills he gained from his law studies.

“I was involved in our family business, known as The Oshawa Group Limited, for almost 30 years, as a director, corporate secretary, general counsel and corporate vice-president real estate. My law degree helped me to perform those functions.”

Wolfe remembers the condition of the law school in the 1960s. His initial resolve to help was reinforced particularly when he attended the groundbreaking on June 4.  He remarked to himself the deterioration that had occurred since he was last there.  “It partly explains the dire need for the campaign,” says Wolfe.

“The law school is an important part of the University of Toronto, and it is an important legal institution. It is very interesting that the new building will be facing Queen’s Park, where provincial statutes are debated and passed. Some of the interpreters of such statutes will be trained across the road, in our new law school building.”

Says Wolfe: “We have to think about the future. Those who benefitted from the resource being renewed must step forward and contribute to ensuring that the proper physical infrastructure exists to train future legal practitioners.”