This donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

Brent Belzberg, LLB 1975, and George Grossman, LLB 1975, were buddies at law school, and are great friends still today. So when the building project was announced, they decided to donate together, as they have done previously with other charities in the past.

 “I’ve seen how necessary the improvements to the physical facilities really are,” says Belzberg, “as my daughter is an alumna. She never complained because she loved the law school. But I thought it was tired in 1975. And my goodness, it’s really tired now.”

Of course, it helps to have a dynamic dean as well, says Grossman. “Dean Mayo Moran helped re-ignite in me the passion for the Faculty of Law. Her enthusiasm for students, faculty and even alumni is infectious. It was with pleasure that Brent Belzberg and I shared our friendship as classmates to help impact the renewed vision for the Faculty of Law.”

Adds Belzberg: “I’m so proud to be an alumnus. I feel the law school gave me a lot more than I can ever give back.”

Brent Belzberg, LLB 1975, and George Grossman, LLB 1975

George Grossman, LLB 1975, and Brent Belzberg, LLB 1975