Peer Mentorship Program

The Peer Mentorship Program at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto pairs first year students with upper year mentors. The program was founded by a group of law students in 2009. Mentors act as a source of guidance for matters of both academic and non-academic nature. The Peer Mentorship Program strongly believes that the establishment of a relationship between first year students and upper year students is essential to fostering an inclusive community within the law school.

The Peer Mentorship Program has three objectives:

1. Increase Enjoyment and Success of the First Year Program:

  • Offer first year students a supportive and confidential peer resource
  • Encourage positive self-discovery by helping students set individual goals based on personal ambitions and interests
  • Provide an additional avenue for students in need to seek out assistance and appropriate referrals while at the law school
  • Minimize the stress, anxiety, and sense of isolation that commonly accompany the first year of legal studies

2. Increase Enjoyment and Success during the Upper Years:

  • Offer upper year students the opportunity to gain confidence in their legal skills and knowledge
  • Allow upper year students to develop mentoring skills, which are highly valued by the legal profession

3. Strengthen the U of T Law community:

  • Provide the infrastructure for a system of support within the student body
  • Prevent upper year attrition in participation within the law school community
  • Encourage inter-year unity and communication between students

The 2013 - 2014 Peer Mentorship Program Executive provides ongoing organizational support for the Program. Don't hesitate to contact the following friendly members with any questions:

The Peer Mentorship Program Executive may also be contacted at:

The Committee also hosts various events throughout the year for mentor and mentee matches.