Centre for the Legal Profession 

The Centre for the Legal Profession (CLP) opened its doors in July 2008. Under the direction of Academic Director Professor Anita Anand, its mission was, and remains today, to advance professionalism, ethics and public service throughout the legal profession.  As a catalyst for dialogue, debate and action between the different groups within the legal community and the public, the CLP is a place for education, training, research, outreach and advocacy on these important issues. We are grateful for the seed funding provided by the Law Foundation of Ontario in our first three years of operation.  The CLP continues to benefit from the ongoing support of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and offers continuing professional development courses to the profession.  In 2012-13, the CLP, with the support of the Faculty of Law, launched an innovative program designed to address contemporary ethical challenges that arise at the intersection of law and business.  It is our hope that the work of the CLP will help to forge a stronger link between the study of law, the practice of law, and the implications of law.   

For more information, visit the Centre for the Legal Profession website. The website includes information about upcoming and past events, professional education programs, and links to resources such as recent cases, publications, and other centres that work on legal professionalism and ethics.