The Graduate Law Students Association (GLSA) represents all students enrolled in the Graduate Programme at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The object of the GLSA is to assist graduate students in their dealings with the Faculty and to obtain representation for students on various committees and organizations that pertain to the graduate law programme. The GLSA strives to encourage and facilitate co-operation and understanding among students and faculty in order to improve the research activities and educational experiences of all graduate law students at the University of Toronto.

Executive Committee

President: Catherine Dunmore

Vice President: Kayal Munisami

Treasurer: Simon Ayotte

Director of Communications: Kirishanthy Sivagopal

Social Affairs Officers: Michelle Beck, Joy Abaniwonda

LLM Faculty Council  Representative: Carolyn Mouland

SJD Faculty Council Representative: Nadia Lambek 

GPLLM Faculty Council Representative: Kevin Vuong

GSU Rep: Joy Abaniwonda

Faculty Committees

  • Mental Health Committee (1 grad) - Matthew Marinett
  • Standing Curriculum Committee (1 grad) - Greg Bowley
  • Graduate Academic Appeals (1 LLM, 1 SJD) - Eden Sarid, Polimenis Koundouros
  • Library and Technology Committee (1 grad) - Andrew Martin
  • Student Affairs Committee (1 grad) - Kayal Munisami
  • Gender Accessibility and Diversity Committee (2 grads) - Haim Abraham, Matthew Levine
  • Environmental Sustainability Working Group (1 grad) - Sarah Mason-Case
  • LLM admissions (1 sjd) - John Enman-Beech
  • CUPE 3092 Law Faculty Steward (Only teaching assistants can apply) - No candidate

GLSA Constitution

You can look at the GLSA Constitution (PDF file)

GLSA Guide

GLSA Guide for Incoming Graduate Students (PDF)