Name Phone E-mail
Alzner, Cathy
Administrative Assistant, Office of the Associate Dean (JD Program)
416-978-5443 associatedean.law@utoronto.ca
Arbez, Jeanne
Program Administrative Assistant
416-978-4048 admin@probonostudents.ca
Archbold, Alexis
Assistant Dean, JD Program
416-978-5793 alexis.archbold@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Balasundaram, Prasanna
Staff Lawyer
416-934-4534 p.balasundaram@utoronto.ca
Barker, Susan M
Reference and Digital Services Librarian
416-978-5799 susan.barker@utoronto.ca
Bellinger, Karen
416-934-4561 karen.bellinger@utoronto.ca
Bolan, John
Public Services Librarian
416-978-3719 john.bolan@utoronto.ca
Bueler, Nancy
416-946-8310 nancy.bueler@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Carling, Amanda
Aboriginal Law Program Coordinator
416-978-2583 amanda.carling@utoronto.ca
Chung, Nancy
Ordering Technician
416-978-5839 law.acq@utoronto.ca
Ciccocioppo, Lucianna
Director, External Relations / Executive Editor, Nexus
416-946-0334 lucianna.ciccocioppo@utoronto.ca
Cirillo, Lisa
Executive Director
416-934-4563 lisa.cirillo@utoronto.ca
Coordinators, National Program
Student Program Coordinators
416-978-4048 natl.coordinator@probonostudents.ca
Coordinators, Toronto Program
Student Program Coordinators
416-946-0143 probono.students@utoronto.ca
Courtney, Chantelle
Assistant Dean
416-978-2621 chantelle.courtney@utoronto.ca
Cox, Aleatha
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Research / Faculty Assistant
416-978-8057 aleatha.cox@utoronto.ca
Cutt, Sinead
Senior Executive Assistant
416-978-3718 deansoffice.law@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Debi, Curtis
Technical Support Analyst
416-946-8194 computer.lawsupport@utoronto.ca
Dimitrova, Eleonora
Program Coordinator
416-736-5934 edimitrova@lawinaction.ca
Donahue, Takara
Facilities & Services Assistant
416-946-7540 facultysupport.law@utoronto.ca
Douglas, Tiffiny
Facilities & Services Coordinator
289-388-4300 tiffiny.douglas@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Faherty, Sara
Assistant Dean, Office of the Associate Deans
416-946-7446 sara.faherty@utoronto.ca
Fehr, Jennifer
Staff Lawyer
416-934-4533 jennifer.fehr@utoronto.ca
French, Liz
Acquisitions Coordinator
416-978-5838 liz.french@utoronto.ca
Fung, Cheryl
Faculty Receptionist
416-978-0210 cheryl.fung@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Garner, Kate
Assistant Registrar, Records
416-978-0212 kate.garner@utoronto.ca
Gershbain, Nikki
National Director
416-946-0519 nikki.gershbain@probonostudents.ca
Gibson, Angela
Library Support Assistant
416-946-7024 angela.gibson@utoronto.ca
Golombek, Tali
Program Officer, PBSC
416-946-0143 tali.golombek@probonostudents.ca
Gulezko, Nadia
Events Coordinator
416-978-6767 n.gulezko@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Halani, Alykhan
Computer Services Technician
416-946-3789 a.halani@utoronto.ca
Handley, Paul
Chief Administrative Officer
416-978-8789 paul.handley@utoronto.ca
Harris, Henry
System Administrator
416-978-0330 h.harris@utoronto.ca
Haughton, Marlene
Operations & Bookstore Coordinator/Financial Assistant
416-978-8891 m.haughton@utoronto.ca
Henry, Yukimi
Manager, Academic/Personal and Wellness Coordinator
416-978-6658 yukimi.henry@utoronto.ca
Henry, Annette
Director of Finance
416-978-5840 annette.henry@utoronto.ca
Hofstee, Wynanda
Faculty Secretary
416-978-2541 w.hofstee@utoronto.ca
Hubbard, Sara-Marni
Student Programs Coordinator
416-978-4908 sara.hubbard@utoronto.ca
Hume, Harriet
Hutjens, Linda
Research Grant Coordinator
416-978-1751 reprohealth.law@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Khan, Justin
416-978-1268 jkhan@lawinaction.ca
Kidner, Jane
Assistant Dean
416-978-6702 j.kidner@utoronto.ca
Kim, Sooin
Information Services Librarian
416-946-5923 sooin.kim@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Langlois, Barbara
Coordinator, Accommodations and Graduate Affairs
416-978-2743 barbara.langlois@utoronto.ca
Laporte, Jordana
Interim Director
416-946-3033 Jordana.laporte@utoronto.ca
Lock, Tara
Graduate Program Coordinator
416-978-0213 tara.lock@utoronto.ca
Loumankis, Alexia
Reference Librarian
416-978-4290 alexia.loumankis@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Ma, Gloria
Accountant, Restricted Funds
416-946-5075 gloria.ma@utoronto.ca
MacInnes, Shannon
Alumni Affairs Coordinator
416-946-0888 shannon.macinnes@utoronto.ca
Mackley, Natasha
GPLLM Coordinator
416-978-1400 natasha.mackley@utoronto.ca
Mangalindan, Rosario
Executive Assistant to Chief Administrative Officer
416-978-0427 rosario.mangalindan@utoronto.ca
Marshall, Kristin
Staff lawyer
416-978-5241 kristin.marshall@utoronto.ca
McCormack, Judith
Assistant Dean, Graduate Program
416-946-7384 judith.mccormack@utoronto.ca
Medves, Gian
Interim Chief Law Librarian
416-978-5537 gian.medves@utoronto.ca
Milne, Cheryl
Executive Director
416-978-0092 cheryl.milne@utoronto.ca
Mobbs, Donna
Administrative Assistant, LAWS Program
416-978-1925 dmobbs@lawinaction.ca
Mohaghegh, Aladdin
Senior Financial Aid Advisor
416-978-5842 ala.mohaghegh@utoronto.ca
Mount, Bernadette
Facilities and Services Assistant
416-946-754 bernadette.mount@utoronto.ca
Muscati, Samer
416-946-8730 s.muscati@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Nguyen, Bobby
Technical Support Analyst
416-946-8198 b.nguyen@utoronto.ca
Nilausen, Stephanie
U of T Program Coordinator
416-978-7922 snilausen@lawinaction.ca
Norrington, Kara
Legal Assistant
416-946-7831 kara.norrington@utoronto.ca
Nowak, Stephanie
Program Officer-Bilingual
416-978-4463 steph.nowak@probonostudents.ca
Name Phone E-mail
O'Hare, Caitilin
Special Projects Assistant
n/a caitilin.ohare@utoronto.ca
Orchard, Emily
Assistant Dean, Professional Legal Education
416-978-6702 emily.orchard@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Payroll, Submissions and Inquiries
Pole, Sarah
Director (on leave)
416-978-5841 spole@lawinaction.ca
Poon-Ting, Jerome
Senior Recruitment, Admissions and Diversity Outreach Officer
416-978-6630 jerome.poon.ting@utoronto.ca
Puran, Rejeanne
Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator
416-978-0214 rejeanne.puran@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Rashid, Humayun
Head of Cataloguing
416-978-4209 humayun.rashid@utoronto.ca
Reid, Dylan
Web Communications Officer
416-946-7463 dylan.reid@utoronto.ca
Richard, Roseanne
Faculty Secretary
416-946-3094 roseanne.richard@utoronto.ca
Ries, Benjamin
Staff Lawyer
416-934-4537 benjamin.ries@utoronto.ca
Rosenstock, Michelle
Executive Director, Office of the Dean
416-978-5210 Michelle.Rosenstock@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Saarvala, Sharon
Financial Analyst
416-978-0215 sharon.bernard@utoronto.ca
Schreier, Tal
Program Coordinator
416-978-0091 tal.schreier@utoronto.ca
Sears, Vannessa
Records and Admissions Coordinator
416-978-0212 vannessa.sears@utoronto.ca
Seto, May
Faculty Secretary
416-978-1619 may.seto@utoronto.ca
Simonian, Daniel
Program Manager (Bilingual)
416-946-0930 daniel.simonian@probonostudents.ca
Snell, Kim
Interim Career Development Counsellor
416-978-2708 kim.snell@utoronto.ca
Symington, Alison
Program Manager
416-978-1295 alison.symington@probonostudents.ca
Szot-Sacawa, Anna
Circulation Coordinator
416-946-5924 anna.szot.sacawa@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Tam, Jennifer
Events Coordinator
416-978-7849 jennifer.tam@utoronto.ca
Taran, Tatiana
Administrative Assistant
416-934-4535 law.dls@utoronto.ca
Teicher, Richard
Staff Lawyer
416-934-4562 richard.teicher@utoronto.ca
Theriault, Leah
Associate Director
416-946-7549 leah.theriault@utoronto.ca
Thibodeau, Danielle
Acting Director
416-978-5841 dthibodeau@lawinaction.ca
Thompson, Bonnie
Processing Technician
416-978-5839 bonnie.thompson@utoronto.ca
Turner, Caroline
Faculty Assistant
416-978-5587 caroline.turner@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Vu, Tin
Financial Assistant
416-946-0931 tin.vu@utoronto.ca
Vuletin, Ann
Recruitment Coordinator
416-978-2756 ann.vuletin@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Willis, Matt
Senior Development Officer
416-978-1353 m.willis@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Xu, Sufei
Access Services Coordinator
416-946-7833 sufei.xu@utoronto.ca
Name Phone E-mail
Zacharakis, Angela
Events Assistant
416-978-7539 angela.zacharakis@utoronto.ca
Zhang, Vanessa
416-978-5587 vanessaz.zhang@utoronto.ca