Students in class FLBApplicants who are offered admission in the Regular, Mature and Aboriginal categories may apply for admission to the half-time program if they are able to demonstrate that they are unable to attend on a full-time basis because of any of the following:

  1. health or physical disability
  2. exceptional family obligations either to young children or dependents requiring their presence at home
  3. financial hardship 

[Note: as financial hardship is common to many students, applicants seeking admission under this criterion must establish unique and compelling reasons.]

In limited circumstances, consideration may also be given to occupational involvement where an applicant is established in a continuing office or performing duties of a public character or benefit and whose work would be assisted and improved by the study of law.

The half-time J.D. program is intended to provide access to legal education to those who meet the ordinary admission requirements of the Faculty but are unable to undertake the study of law on a full-time basis. The program is not intended for those who want to test their interest in law, who prefer a light course load, or wish to pursue other interests while studying law. It is more properly described as a halftime rather than a part-time program with the degree requirements being met in six rather than three years. Half-time students must complete the J.D. program in no more than six years. In exceptional circumstances the Admissions Committee may grant an extension of one year to complete the program.

Applicants considering this program should appreciate that courses at the law school are taught throughout the day and early evening and students must be prepared to attend courses when they are offered. This may result in limited flexibility to schedule other commitments, particularly in first year, in view of course requirements.

Applicants to the half-time program will be subject to the ordinary application procedures of the Faculty and, in the first instance, will apply as full-time applicants. Admission decisions will be made as part of the normal admissions process on a rolling basis as files are completed. Half-time applicants are required on or before May 1 to set out in a separate letter to the Admissions Committee the circumstances which support their admission to the halftime program. These circumstances will not be taken into account in deciding whether to admit a student to the Faculty. Subsequently, applicants will be notified in writing of a decision on their application to the half-time program.