All students at the Faculty of Law are members of the Students' Law Society (SLS). Its purpose is to promote the general welfare of the student body. An executive and representatives from each year are elected annually by the student body.

The SLS represents student concerns on Faculty Council (the governing body of the law school) and its sub-committees. In co-operation with faculty members and administrative officials, SLS Faculty Council representatives deal with academic matters such as accessibility, admissions, curriculum, financial aid, grading practices, staff-student relations, tuition, and the long-term direction of the law school.

In addition to attending monthly meetings of Faculty Council and committee work, SLS Faculty Council representatives meet weekly to address new and ongoing student concerns and prepare for upcoming meetings.

SLS Social Affairs representatives meet weekly to assist in the organization of social events (such as Law Ball, coffeehouses, and pubs), fund and oversee the operation of clubs and societies, and liaise with other groups at the University of Toronto campus.

The SLS website is:


To contact a member of the SLS, please send an e-mail to the member's attention


President: Andrew Wang
Vice President, Student Affairs and Governance: Evan Rankin
Vice President, Social Affairs: Sahar Kamali
Director of Communications: Natasha Chin and Kailey Sutton
Co-Treasurers: Jackson Huang and Vidushi Hora

Student Affairs and Governance Representatives

SLS President (ex officio): Andrew Wang
SLS Vice-President (ex officio):  Evan Rankin
Third year:
Spencer Burger, Fraser Malcolm, Andrew Lynes, Maya Belinski
Second year: Debbie Wang, Dillon Collett, Sam (Han Jung) Kim, Philip Omorogbe
First year: Ariel Gershoig, Katie Longo, Samuel Mosonyi, Aidan Fishman

Social Affairs Representatives

SLS President (ex officio): Andrew Wang
SLS Vice-President (ex officio): Sahar Kamali
Third year: Jennifer Aziz
Second year:
Marly Peikes, Sonia Ross, Graeme Oddy
First year:  Gillian Cook, Stephanie Lewis, Christina Liao

Orientation Committee:
Co-chairs: Debbie Wang, Sahar Kamali, Salima Fakirani

University of Toronto Students' Union (UTSU) Representative:
Riaz Sayani-Mulji