June Callwood

The June Callwood Program in Aboriginal Law supports two distinct initiatives - community internships, and fellowships and scholarships for Aboriginal students.

Named in honour of the well known Canadian journalist, author and social activist, the June Callwood Program supports the Faculty’s commitment to increasing the Aboriginal presence at the law school and creating a vibrant and stimulating learning environment from which tomorrow's leaders in Aboriginal law will emerge.

The Faculty has long been dedicated to enhancing the presence of Aboriginal scholars and ideas at the law school. Whether it be recruiting Aboriginal students to the Faculty, offering innovative courses in Aboriginal law, or providing students with opportunities to put their legal knowledge to work on behalf of Aboriginal communities, the Faculty has worked to enhance the Native voice in our educational community. The Faculty is proud of the fact that an average of 10 students of Aboriginal heritage graduate from the JD programme annually, one of the highest rates of any law school in Canada.

Aboriginal MusicIn combination, the June Callwood Program’s scholarships for aboriginal students and community internships allow both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to gain an enhanced understanding of and sensitivity to Aboriginal rights and how they can be incorporated into law, government and public policy. Through the community based internships, the programme allows students to gain practical experience in Aboriginal community organizations and at the same time provide much needed support to these communities. Through the fellowships and scholarships, the Faculty is able to recruit some of the best and brightest students from around the world for study in the area of Aboriginal law in both the graduate and JD programmes.


For information on aboriginal programs at the Faculty of Law, contact

Prof. Douglas Sanderson
Tel.: 416-978-8152
E-mail: d.sanderson@utoronto.ca

Lisa Del Col
Aboriginal Law Program Coordinator
Tel: 416-978-2583
E-mail: lisa.delcol@utoronto.ca