Assistant Professor

Falconer Hall
Room 306
84 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5 

Tel.: 416-978-5403

Anthony Niblett is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law.

Professor Niblett’s research focuses on law and economics, contract law, and judicial behaviour. His research has appeared (or is forthcoming) in the Journal of Legal Studies, International Review of Law & Economics, Washington Univ. Law Review, Maryland Law Review, and Australian Business Law Review

Professor Niblett holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University as well first class honours degrees in both law and commerce from the University of Melbourne. Before joining the Faculty of Law in 2011, Professor Niblett was a Bigelow Fellow and Lecturer-in-Law at the University of Chicago Law School where he taught legal writing and contract law theory. In addition to his appointment at the Faculty of Law, Professor Niblett has a courtesy appointment with the Department of Economics.


Ph.D. - Economics, Harvard University (2009)
LL.B. (Hon) - University of Melbourne (2003)
B.Com. (Hon. in Econ.) - University of Melbourne (2003)
Academic appointments
Courtesy appointment with the Department of Economics (present)
Awards and distinctions
Frank Knox Memorial Fellow, Harvard University (2003-2009)
Certificate of Undergraduate Teaching Award, Harvard College (2006, 2007)
Outstanding Tutor Award, University of Melbourne, Department of Economics (2002)
Selected Publications

Noise Reduction: The Screening Value of Qui Tam91(5) Washington University Law Review 1169 (2014) (co-authored with Anthony J. Casey) 

Case-by-Case Adjudication and the Path of the Law, 42(2) Journal of Legal Studies 303 (2013)

Tracking Inconsistent Judicial Behavior, 34(1) International Review of Law & Economics 9 (2013) 

The Evolution of a Legal Rule, 39(2) Journal of Legal Studies 325 (2010) (co-authored with Richard A. Posner and Andrei Shleifer

Do Judges Cherry Pick Precedents to Justify Extra-Legal Decisions, 70(1) Maryland Law Review 234 (Fall 2010)

Structural and Behavioural Market Power under the Trade Practices Act: An Application to Predatory Pricing, 32(2) Australian Business Law Review 83 (2004) (co-authored with Joshua S. Gans and Stephen P. King