Professor of Law and Philosophy

Flavelle House
Room 413
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5   

Tel.: 416-978-0735

Research interests
Political Philosophy and Theory
Tort Law and Tort Theory

Arthur Ripstein is Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He was appointed to the Department of Philosophy in 1987, promoted to full professor in 1996, and appointed to the Faculty of Law in 1999. He received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh, a degree in law from Yale, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba.

Professor Ripstein's research and teaching interests include torts, criminal law, legal theory, and political philosophy. In addition to numerous articles in legal theory and political philosophy, he is the author of Force and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy (Harvard 2009) and Equality, Responsibility and the Law (Cambridge 1999). He is editor of Ronald Dworkin (Cambridge 2007) and co-editor of Law and Morality (Toronto 1996, second edition 2001, third edition 2007), and Practical Rationality and Preference (Cambridge 2001). His newest book, Private Wrongs will be published by Harvard University Press in the Spring of  2016. He is currently writing a book on Immanuel Kant’s account of the law and morality of war. He is an Associate Editor of Philosophy and Public Affairs, a former Editor of Ethics and the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, serves on the editorial board of Legal Theory, and is Advisory Editor of the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence. His popular work has appeared on Ideas on CBC Radio.

Video: guest lecture at Harvard University, "Perpetual War or Perpetual Peace?"

B.A. (Hon) - University of Manitoba (1981)
M.A. - University of Pittsburgh (1984)
Ph.D. - University of Pittsburgh (1986)
M.S.L. - Yale Law School (1994)
Awards and distinctions
Canadian Philosophical Association Book Prize (2011)
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (2010)
Nicholas Hoare/Renaud Bray Book Prize of the Canadian Philosophical Association (2001)
Rockefeller Visiting Fellowship, Princeton University (1994-1995)
Selected Publications

Force and Freedom Kant’s Legal Political Philosophy (Harvard University Press, 2009)

Equality, Responsibility and the Law (Cambridge University Press, 1998)