LAWS youth in front of the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is eager to encourage a wide range of high school students and undergraduates to become interested in and enthusiastic about the study of law. To that end, we provide below information to help high school students understand the process and requirements for becoming a lawyer. We have also developed two remarkable programs that bring an experience of studying the law directly to high school students who might otherwise not consider law as a career.

Information for Youth

  • The Law & You (PDF)
    This pamphlet provides a basic introduction to the law and how to become a lawyer

  • So, You Want to Become a Lawyer
    This web page provides a detailed explanation of the process of applying to law school, getting a law degree and becoming a lawyer

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to questions frequently asked by high school students

Programs for Youth

  • Summer Mentorship Program
    The summer mentorship programs brings high school students from under-represented communities to the law school during the summer to enjoy a university experience.

  • LAWS (Law in Action Within Schools)
    The LAWS program is a law and justice-themed high school program that targets students at six Toronto high schools who face barriers to achieving their full potential.

  • Aboriginal Youth Summer Program
    The Aboriginal Youth Summer Program (AYSP) is offered by the U of T Faculty of Law for Aboriginal high school students who are interested in the study of law. Selected students will spend a week living on-campus at U of T and learn about various aspects of the study of law, and how they intertwine with issues affecting Aboriginal Peoples.

  • Faculty of Law Youth Summer Program
    This exciting and unique one-week summer program gives high school students an extraordinary glimpse into the reality of criminal law.  Participants step into the shoes of a criminal lawyer and learn what it is like to be a student at Canada’s most prestigious law school.

Programs for Potential Applicants

  • See Yourself Here
    The annual "See Yourself Here" open house serves as a forum for students from under-represented communities who aspire to enter law school to learn more about the law school admission process and the legal profession.

  • Law School Access Program (LSAP)
    The Law School Prep Program for low-income undergrads and recent graduates offers LSAT preparation, advice and support for eligible undergraduates and recent graduates who are considering law school.

Further Information

  • Law School Admission
    Find out detailed information about the requirements for admission to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and about the many programs and opportunities offered by our school.

  • The Career Development Office
    Find out more about the wide variety of work opportunities available with a career in law.

"See yourself here": Law school life

Hear from our students about life outside the Faculty of Law, how to explore your passions through the many extracurricular programs and clubs, and how to make life-long friends among a diverse, talented and fun student body.