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This room booking form is exclusively for students, faculty and staff of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Persons external to the Faculty of Law wishing to book a room should direct their inquiries to .

  • Before making a booking, please consult the Room Booking Policies (opens in a new tab/window). Please note, your booking may not be accepted if it does not conform to the policies.
  • Once a room booking is confirmed (a confirmation will be emailed to you), your event will be posted on the Faculty of Law Calendar of Events, and will appear in the “Daily Events” email.  Please classify your event as “private” if you do not wish it to appear in the calendar or in the Daily Events email.
  • Please inform Nadia Gulezko at if your event is cancelled.
  • If you have any questions about room booking procedures, please contact Nadia Gulezko at

* Required fields. If required fields are not filled out, your room booking will not be accepted

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