The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Forensic Science GroupThe Forensic Science Group (FSG) is a group of students interested in the intersection of law, science and forensic engineering. Group members will be immersed in the world of scientific evidence, with a specific focus on how to manage working relationships with expert witnesses and how to make use of scientific evidence in litigation.

The FSG is open to Law students with all academic backgrounds, and welcomes those who are interested in science, engineering and litigation.

Upcoming Events

The FSG will be hosting the first annual Expert Witness Colloquium in January 2019, where leading expert witnesses and lawyers will present case studies on the three most common areas of forensic science investigation in litigation: collision reconstruction, fires and product liability. The Expert Witness Colloquium will be presented with valuable guidance from the University of Toronto Department of Materials Science and Engineering.


For more information on the FSG and upcoming events, please contact us at