The relationship between law and the arts is dynamic and multi-faceted. In addition to art law as a legal practice area, lawyers represent one of the largest demographics of art buyers in Toronto and worldwide, and many law firms boast impressive collections that rival even the best museums and galleries. At the same time, the legal world is home to many talented artists, who double as lawyers, law students, paralegals, and more.   

The Faculty of Law Art Association (FLAA) is a student-led art community within the law school dedicated to the intersection of art and law. We facilitate discussions about legal issues in the art world as well as works of art that deal with legal subject matter. Prospective programming also includes tours of firm collections and curated virtual content featuring the artistic works of the many talented students at the Faculty of Law.  

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Amitpal Singh (
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Nep Sidhu, Mercer Union, February 2019
Nep Sidhu, Mercer Union, February 2019