Who can Apply?

The Faculty of Law Firm Funded Internships are open to second year J.D. students who have secured a second year summer position with a sponsoring firm.  First year and third year J.D. students are ineligible for these internships.


The following steps must be strictly adhered to by any student seeking to participate in a firm funded internship:

  1. After securing a second year summer position with a sponsoring firm, students must seek the permission of their employer to apply for a Firm Funded Summer Internship. 
  2. Upon receipt of the firm’s approval, students must submit an application form to the CDO (available on UTLawCareers.ca) indicating in which internship the student wishes to participate and with which organization or faculty member the student proposes to work.  The Application Form must be signed by the law firm.  Completed forms are to be emailed to the Director of the Career Development Office at jordana.laporte@utoronto.ca.
  3. The application form must, amongst other things, describe the work in which the student will be engaged during the term of the internship (responsibilities) and proposed schedule for the internship. 
  4. The CDO will review the proposal to ensure that it fulfills the program requirements and will, if appropriate, advise the student and law firm that the proposal has been approved. 
  5. Students will be required to “check-in” with the CDO once during the internship period.  In addition, at the end of the internship, students will be required to provide a brief written report and evaluation of the internship, which is to be submitted in writing to the CDO no later than the last day in August.

General Expectations

As noted above, interns are required to complete short mid-summer and final reports which are to be submitted to the CDO and the sponsoring law firm and are expected to provide the sponsoring firms with details about the work in which the student has been engaged during the internship.

Students may be asked to attend at least one event to share their experiences with prospective interns, and may be asked to participate in other events, depending on the subject matter of their internship.

For a list of firms committed to sponsoring students, please contact the Career Development Office.