Centre for Innovation Law and Policy Summer Fellowship Program

The CILP Firm Funded Summer Internship affords law students enrolled at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law an opportunity to gain exposure to both private legal practice and scholarly exposure to international business and trade law during the summer following their second year of law school.  Students spend part of the summer (usually the first part) working at the sponsoring firm, and another portion (4-8 weeks) working for a professor in the area of international business and trade law.  The exposure to private practice and academic research is intended to contribute to the student’s exposure to and understanding of the interface between these areas.

For details about the application and approval process, please go the Firm-Funded Summer Internship Programs:  How to Apply page.

For a list of Faculty members committed to sponsoring students in the CILP Firm Funded Summer Internship Program, please contact the Career Development Office.