Do you want to work for social justice? Do you want to find a way to serve the public good? Think our sole focus is corporate, commercial practice at Bay Street firms?  You couldn't be more mistaken.

The unique resources and problems offered by the CDO are designed to educate and inspire our students to pursue public interest careers.  With this goal, at least, we run programs and events intended to bring together students and lawyers with common social justice concerns.  Whatever your interest, the CDO will help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and information needed to find a meaningful career and make a difference.

What is Public Interest Law?

Public interest or social justice law has been described as legal work on behalf of individuals, groups, and causes that are underserved by the for-profit bar.  Within the broad scope of its definition, public interest practice includes work done by legal clinics, boards, agencies, commissions, and all levels of government, as well as private practice firms and lawyers who define the majority of their clients as public-interest or social justice causes.

Resources and Events

As a student at the law school, you will have access to a number of resources and events that focus on public interest law.  All of the CDO's resources can be downloaded from a password protected site called UTLC.  

In addition, the CDO organizes many events that explore public interest international career opportunities, including Public Interest Day (a Career Fair attended by more than 40 Public Interest organizations), panel discussions and networking opportunities.  Of course, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of public interest extra-curricular activities, including as a volunteer for the Faculty's flagship legal clinic, Pro Bono Students Canada, the International Human Rights Program, and countless more.