How Does the Deputy Judges Clerking Project Work?

Two 3L students will gain unique hands-on experience as they perform legal research and writing under the mentorship of Administrative Deputy Judge Laura Ntoukas. Students will arrange a weekly shift at the Toronto Small Claims Court, located at 47 Sheppard Avenue, where they will perform "File Review" of upcoming files and attendance in Court. Students will also have the opportunity to attend trials and settlement conferences, being fully briefed on the files with the permission of the parties.

The vast majority of the matters in Small Claims Court are heard by Deputy Judges. Deputy Judges are lawyers that preside part-time in Small Claims Court. In the Toronto Region there are approximately 50 Deputy Judges. Deputy Judges preside over motions, judgment debtor examinations, mandatory settlement conferences, and trials.

Since the monetary limit was increased to $25,000, the Small Claims Court has heard increasingly complex matters, including wrongful dismissal, wrongful arrest, construction cases, malicious prosecution, commercial & residential landlord and tenant matters, and residential real estate matters.

Timeline for Students




Applications Due 
Mandatory PBSC Training


First Meeting with Administrative Judge Ntoukas
Begin Research, File Review, Shadowing opportunities


Monitoring Check-In


Wrap-up the semester


Monitoring Check-In


Monitoring Check-In

Wrap-up the semester
PBSC Appreciation event



How Do I Get Involved in the Deputy Judges Clerkship Project?

If you are an upper year student and wish to get involved in the Deputy Judges Clerkship Project, please apply using the online Competitive PBSC Student Application Form, available here.

Candidates should have demonstrated interest/experience in civil litigation and a strong academic record. Please note that unsuccessful candidates will automatically be considered by for the Ontario Deputy Judges Association (ODJA) Legal Research Internship that is part of the General PBSC Student Application.

If you would not like to be considered for this position, please indicate this in your application.

Please note that unlike all other PBSC placements, the Deputy Judges Clerkship Project requires a commitment of 5-7 hours per week. Past students have thoroughly enjoyed their experience, and have chosen to perform 7-10 hours per week on a voluntary basis. This will not be the expectation. 

Contact Information

For general inquiries about the PBSC University of Toronto Chapter, please contact the Program Coordinators:

Greg Drozdzal
U of T Summer and School-Year Program Coordinator
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Ellie Minchopoulos
U of T School-Year Program Coordinator
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