Anne-Marie Sorrenti

By Karen Gross / Photo by Jeff Kirk

From the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Nexus

You could say that law school served as a springboard for Anne-Marie Sorrenti, JD 1999. “My legal education has been a differentiator in all my other endeavours,” she says. “It’s always with me and informs everything I do.”

Sorrenti’s accomplishments are as varied as they are impressive. She worked as a corporate lawyer for several years after graduating, but eventually went back to U of T, where she taught and earned a PhD in Renaissance Italian studies in 2014. But she didn’t stop there. Sorrenti now runs her own leadership consulting company, through which she shares her multifaceted skills with a wide range of clients, including lawyers, physicians, engineers and scientists. “Law school gave me the ability to analyze a situation and really boil it down to key issues,” she says. “When people are working on improving themselves and becoming better leaders, having a partner who can hone things down in a direct and succinct way is a big help.”

Sorrenti brought her talents back to the law school as part of its leadership skills development program, leading a workshop with students on the importance of emotional intelligence. “I’m very happy U of T realizes these issues are very important, that they are career enhancers for their students,” she says. “Having a law school that realizes there’s a whole other piece to success is a real benefit—not just to students but to their future employers.” All the more reason for alumni like her to lend their support. Her generous $25,000 gift created the Anne-Marie Sorrenti Bursary.

“I see the quality of the students, I think the faculty is evolving with the times,” Sorrenti says. “I’m very impressed. It’s important to keep the institution on its world class trajectory. You can’t do that unless you make sure every qualified student can afford to attend.”