From the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Nexus

This is an interesting issue. I entered U of T Law in 1954 and graduated in 1957; got my call to the bar in 1959; and have actively been in the practice of law ever since, mostly as a sole practitioner.

I was delighted to see a picture of a half dozen of my graduating class on page 30 of this issue. It was noteworthy to me that, like the law which we all studied, I could still recognize each of them notwithstanding the changes that developed during the passage of over six decades.

I noted with interest the statistics concerning the 1Ls, and compared it as best I could to my class in 1954:

  • I do not know how many applicants there were in 1954, it is entirely possible that all who applied were accepted;
  • I do not know the age range or the average age of my classmates then, but it was probably comparable to the current group;
  • There were approximately 75 students on the first day of lectures which was reduced by half following the results of the first set of exams in December – of these less than 30 graduated together;
  • There were two women, one of which graduated with us, and the other graduated the following year;
  • I do not think there were any mature students in our year;
  • I do not recall any students of colour;
  • There was no one who identified as LGBTQ;
  • There was one student who had a disability (blindness) who did not return in the second year;
  • I do not know the number, but I think that the large majority of the class were the first in family to attend law school – but do not have any idea about the other statistics in this grouping;
  • With respect to the other bits and pieces of information, none of this is available with respect to my class.

From my graduating year of less than 30 students one became a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, one became a judge of the Supreme Court of Ontario (as it then was called), and one went to work with the Government of Canada and was involved in the opening of Canada's Embassy in Beijing, and, having retired, is now playing the piano in a bar somewhere in Southeast Asia.

My conclusion is that the class who were 1Ls in 1954 would fit in rather comfortably with those in that class today.


L. Murray Eades

See the 1L Class Profile, Fall/Winter 2017