The Hon. William C. Graham, LLB 1964This donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

Bill Graham, LLB 1964, is excited about the big changes coming soon at the Faculty of Law. The law school played a significant role in his life, both as a student and as a faculty member.

“Law school was a very formative experience for me,” says Graham. “It had a remarkable influence on my career, the subsequent direction that I took, and my interest in international law, particularly in the nexus between the formation of social responsibility and the formation of law.”

While Graham was involved in Canada’s federal political scene for about three decades, he was still very cognizant of the vast changes occurring at the law school. “The whole teaching and library experience has changed. There are enormous complexities in the course offerings, such as the law and development course offered by Prof. Mariana Mota Prado. When I went to law school, we had two international law courses: public and private.” And, he says, it’s time the facilities matched the curriculum changes. 

“While I have a certain romantic attachment to Flavelle House, where I had my office for 12 years, I also have a good understanding about the need for new facilities with more space and modern technology.”

Adds Graham:  “It’s a change that’s so important. The legal community will continue to get law graduates at the top of their game, with the best legal education possible. And the country as a whole benefits as well.”