David Spiro, LLB 1987, of Fraser Milner Casgrain LLPThis donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

David Spiro, LLB 1987, still meets with Prof. Arnold Weinrib over lunch to talk tax, 20 years after he took his course at the Faculty of Law. His favourite class at law school, its impact continues to reverberate today. “It really gave me a solid tax education—very solid. And Prof. Weinrib and I continue to discuss issues.”

Spiro warmly remembers the camaraderie of law school, and the strong interpersonal relationships among students and faculty. But he also remembers the basement at Falconer Hall. “There was a lot to be desired in the facility…it was less than an ideal learning environment,” he says.

Other alumni at FMC couldn’t agree more.  Giving to the Faculty of Law’s building campaign therefore was an opportunity not to be missed.  “Where would we be without the tremendous education we received at the law school?” says Spiro. “It opened up incredible opportunities for us in our careers, well beyond law school. So this gift is an expression of our appreciation.”

And a new building is exactly what Canada’s top law school needs, he explains. “Every objective measure has shown that the Faculty of Law is a first-class law school, in terms of the quality of students and the quality of its faculty. The only element that’s not up to standard is the learning environment.”

Adds Spiro: “It’s about time we have the law school firing on all cylinders.”