Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Internationally Trained Lawyers Program (ITLP) has added several new features to its Career Program. This one-year, part-time program helps internationally trained lawyers build career skills and transition to the Canadian legal work environment.

Beginning in May 2015, this program will now include practical work opportunities (e.g. short internships, job shadowing, legal projects or research), increased networking opportunities, and on-line courses in language communication and workplace culture, in addition to the features included in past years.

Kim Snell, Career Advisor at the ITLP, says "Our enhanced Career Program now gives students all the tools they need - instruction, counselling, workshops and exposure to the legal workplace.  It is an ideal program for internationally trained lawyers who are comfortable with self-studying for the NCA exams, but who are looking for help in figuring out what it will take to succeed in launching their Canadian legal career."

This part-time, one-year long program has been created specifically to help internationally trained lawyers enhance their career development skills and launch their legal careers in Canada. Through a variety of learning formats ranging from classes and workshops, to practical work opportunities and networking events, to one-on-one-career counselling, student in the program:

  • learn about the Ontario legal environment;
  • build a cover letter and resume and prepare for interviews; 
  • gain a better understanding of the Canadian workplace culture, communication practices and language skills;
  • meet legal practitioners and begin developing their professional network; and
  • apply for practical work opportunities such as short internships, job shadowing, legal projects or research (NEW THIS YEAR)

To learn more about the program, available funding and how to apply for the program starting in May 2015, visit the ITLP Career Program website.