Jeff Carolin is a criminal defence lawyer and restorative justice practitioner.  He is also a facilitator, mindfulness and yoga practitioner, and father of two small children based in Toronto.

As a lawyer, Jeff has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, and has successfully defended cases ranging from minor thefts to homicide. The vast majority of his clients are marginalized due to poverty, mental health differences, and racism. Jeff opened his own practice after receiving the gold medal at Osgoode Hall Law School and clerking at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

As a facilitator, Jeff organizes team-building and leadership development retreats, supports conflict transformation processes, and brings emotional intelligence and body-awareness into all of his work. Lately, he has been building a practice at the intersection of criminal law and conflict transformation under the rubric of restorative justice. He is inspired by the possibility that trials and jails need not be the only result of harm and wrong-doing, and that transformation, healing, and hope can emerge from the darkest of moments. Representing Marlee Liss, the survivor of a serious sex assault, in one of the first restorative justice processes in Toronto for a crime of this magnitude has only strengthened his resolve in this regard.

As a father, Jeff spends most of his time trying not to step on little pieces of plastic, and figuring out how he can do right by these amazing and small creatures.