Professor Department of Mathematics

Peter Rosenthal, B.S. (C.U.N.Y.) 1962, M.A. (Michigan) 1963, Ph.D. (Michigan, Mathematics) 1967, LL.B. (Toronto) 1990, has been Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto since 1967. He has had a parallel career in law, practicing informally as a paralegal for twenty years before being called to the Ontario Bar in 1992. He is presently Professor Emeritus of mathematics and a sole practitioner of law. He has been teaching “Litigation and Social Change” at the Faculty of Law in alternate years for about fifteen years.  Professor Rosenthal has written several law review articles. His legal practice has been primarily devoted to attempts to effect social change. In pursuit of such attempts, he has appeared at all levels of courts and at many tribunals. Contact: