Adjunct Professor

Jenny Friedland, BA (Hons) (Toronto) 1990, BEd (Western) 1992, MA (Toronto) 1994, LLB (Toronto) 2000, is a sole practitioner practising in the area of family law. Formerly a criminal defence lawyer, she was one of the lawyers representing Steven Truscott when his conviction for the 1958 murder of Lynn Harper was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal. Prior to law school, Jenny lived in Whitedog, Ontario and worked for the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations as a teacher and in the area of community development. In 1994, she was a mayoral candidate in the Toronto Municipal Elections. She is currently a Director at University Settlement, and a member of the Grange Community Association and the UofT Liaison Committee. She has been teaching trial advocacy at UofT for the past twelve years and has been one of the co-chairs of the course for the last two. Jenny is a former Trial Ad student and past-winner of the Arnup Cup. Contact: