From time to time the law school hosts visiting fellows.

Jingxia Shi 

Dr. Jingxia ShiDr. Jingxia Shi is a Professor (international business & economic law) and the former Dean (04/2014-09/2019) at School of Law, China University of International Business & Economics (UIBE), a top ten law school in China. She also serves as the Director of UIBE International Law Institute (ILI), UIBE Research Center for Unification of Commercial Law (RCUCL), and Research Center for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and International Law.

Dr. Shi earned her B.A & LL.B in 1992, Ph.D in International Law (1998) from Wuhan University, China. She also holds LL.M degree (2007) and J.S.D degree (2011) from Yale Law School. She joined the UIBE law faculty in August 1998 and was granted tenure professorship later in 2002. A member of New York Bar since June 2011, Chinese Bar Association since 1999, as well as a member of Governing Council of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Rome, Italy since 2014, an appointed Conciliator at International Center for Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID, Washington D. C.) since August 2017, a board member of International Insolvency Institute (III, USA), and a member of Academic Group at INSOL International (London), Member of Expert Committee of China Court of International Commerce (CCIC), the Supreme Court of China (SPC); a former member of drafting committee of the 2006 Enterprises Bankruptcy Law of the PRC, and an appointed arbitrator at CIETAC, Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC), Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA), etc. She is frequently counseled by Chinese government agencies and enterprises with foreign-related legal issues.

Professor Shi has been retaining extensive research interests in the areas of international investment law, international trade law, as well as cross-border insolvency, with abundant publications both in English and Chinese. The courses Prof. Shi has taught include International Business & Economic law, the Essentials of WTO law, International law on Trade in Services (in English), Advanced Topics of International Investment and Trade Law, International and Comparative Insolvency law, etc.

She is currently an academic visitor at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto (10/2019-06/2020). Previously, she visited School of Law, New York University (08/2003-06/2004, Global Research Fellow), the Center for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), University of London (02/2000-08/2000), Taiwan National Chengchi University and Soochow University (visiting professor, 04/2006-06/2006), among others.