Monday, February 6, 2017 - 4:10pm to 5:30pm
In J250

"Law in the Age of Trump” Panel Discussion


Monday February 6th

 at  4:10-5:30pm 


Room J250, Moot Court Room


Panelists:  Professors Lisa Austin, Jutta Brunnée, Anver Emon, Audrey Macklin and David Schneiderman

Live Videostreams (starting c. 4:10 pm): (Using Microsoft Silverlight) (Using VLC)



Discussion topics will include:


  • Does Trump’s ban violate the US Constitution? What about US international human rights commitments toward non-citizens? What are the implications for Canadian policy, in particular the safe third country agreement and the beyond the border agreement?


  • What is the potential impact of Trump Administration policy on specific treaties, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, and on the international legal order writ large?


  • What is the intersection between law and Islamophobia?


  • What constitutional remedies may be available to address Trump’s conflicts of interest?


  • Registration is not required.


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