Genetic Information and the Law:

Issues in the Insurance and Employment Settings

Health Law Day

Friday, May 20, 2005

Faculty of Law, University of Toronto




9:00-9:10                     Welcome:                                                                                                                              (10 mins.)

Christian Burk, CEO, Ontario Genomics Institute &                                                  

Professor Trudo Lemmens, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto


9:10-9:40                     Genetic Information: A Scientific Overview                                                                             

Presenter:      Dr. Sherryl Taylor, Queen’s University                                                  (30 mins.)


9:40-11:00                   Genetic Testing and Insurance                                                                                                    


Yann Joly, Université de Montréal: “Points to Consider”                                    (20 mins.)

Frank Zinatelli, CLHIA, “The Perspective of the Insurance Industry”           (20 mins.)

Teren Clarke, Canadian Paraplegic Association: “Patient Advocacy               (20 mins.)


Discussion                                                                                                                (20 mins.)


11:00-11:15                 Break                                                                                                                                     




11:15-12:15                 Genetic Testing in Employment


Dr. Paul A. Schulte, N.I.O.S.H. (U.S.): “Genetics and Occupational Health” (20 mins.)

Craig A. Flood, Koskie Minsky, Toronto: “Genetics and Employee Rights”    (20 mins.)

                                                Discussion                                                                                                                (20 mins.)


12:15-1:30                   Lunch


1:30-2:00                     Privacy Issues


Patricia Kosseim, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada                      (30 mins.)


2:00-3:15                     Human Rights Issues: Genetic Discrimination


Trudo Lemmens, University of Toronto,                                                                        (20 mins.)

“Genetic-at-risk Status and Protection under Canadian Human Rights Law”          

                                    Hart Schwartz, Director, Legal Services, Ontario Human Rights Commission (20 mins.)

                                                “The Ontario Human Rights Commission and Genetic Discrimination”       (20 mins.)



3:15                             Conclusion and Reception