Instructor(s): Emily Satterthwaite
Canadian Income Tax Law

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7007Y.

Note: Students cannot take more than one workshop for credit in a given year

Note: The Blackboard program will be used for this course. Students must self-enrol in Blackboard prior to the start of school in both terms in order to obtain course information.

This seminar runs in conjunction with the James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop. The James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop brings domestic and international tax law and policy scholars to the law school to present their current research approximately eight times throughout the academic year.

In the past, the workshop has featured presentations by emerging and established tax scholars including: Eduardo Baistrocchi (Argentina); Richard Vann (Australia), Michael Lang (Austria), Brian Arnold, Richard Bird, Kim Brooks, Allison Christians, David Duff, Jack Mintz, and Michael Smart (Canada); Wolfgang Schön (Germany); Assaf Likhovski, Ilan Benshalom, and Tsilly Dagan (Israel); and Reuven Avi-Yonah, Lily Batchelder, Leandra Lederman, Yair Listoken, Edward McCaffery, Leigh Osofsky, Alex Raskolnikov, Julie Roin, Daniel Shaviro, Joel Slemrod, Kirk Stark, and Nancy Staudt (United States).

Students are expected to attend all workshop meetings throughout the year and to prepare a two-page comment in advance of each workshop (60 percent). They will also be responsible for one longer paper of approximately 3000 words relating to one of the workshops, or an alternative tax law and policy topic (30 percent). Students’ participation in the workshop question-and-answer discussion will also be evaluated (10 percent). Note: Students must pass both the paper and the participation component to receive credit for the workshop.
Credit note
Credit note: 1 credit per term

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