Instructor(s): Anthony Duggan

For graduate students, the course number is LAW2058HF.

The trust has been described by one illustrious legal scholar as "the greatest and most distinctive achievement performed by Englishmen in the field of jurisprudence." This course will examine the basic concepts of the trust, its essential elements, and the practical consequences of failure to ensure that all essential elements are in place. The course will also study selected aspects of the administration of a trust as an ongoing institution.

The trust is a creation of the branch of England- derived jurisprudence known as Equity. The course offers an opportunity to increase understanding of the nature of Equity, operating as a supplement to the basic common law.

The trust, as an institution, has practical application in every field of law. For reasons of convenience, most of the examples which we will study are drawn from the area of "personal trusts", that is, situations where the creator of the trust is employing the institution to make economic provision for persons or causes which he or she cares about. But the trust is also used for a wide range of commercial purposes and the principles derived from the case law on personal trusts apply equally in the commercial context.

will be by a two hour open book examination and an essay question distributed at the beginning of the exam period and collected with the exam booklets at the end of the scheduled exam.

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