Instructor(s): Mariana Mota Prado

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7572HF.

Schedule: Two Thursdays per month 12:30 – 2pm

The purpose of this seminar is to provide LLM students with an introduction to various theoretical, doctrinal, empirical and critical approaches to legal scholarship, using an experiential pedagogy that integrates academic skills such as legal writing, research and exam-writing. This seminar is mandatory for all LLM students. The seminar will be comprised of an introduction to different schools of legal thought, together with skills-based modules. For the skills-based module component of the course, students must select one of the following modules:

• Legal Writing and Research
• Common Law Reasoning and Legal System
• Exam Preparation and Writing

Students must select one of these modules by the end of the drop/add period. Students who wish to take more than one module may do so by taking a companion course at the same time on an optional basis: LLM Seminar: Additional Legal Analysis/Skills-Based Modules (LAW7573HF).

Pass/fail, based on attendance and completion of the assignments. Students are required to attend two classes per month: one class on the different schools of legal thought, and another related to the skills-based module they have chosen. Each class will be 1.5 hours (9 hours during the fall semester).

At a Glance

First Term