Instructor(s): Sandra Forbes

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7065HF.

Note: Class participation is substantially weighted and seminars are cumulative, therefore, attendance is mandatory, subject to emergencies. Students on the waitlist must attend while on the waitlist if they wish to be confirmed in the course at the end of the add/drop period should a spot arise.

This advanced advocacy course requires students to work through various challenging advocacy and litigation issues. The assignments require independent work and research outside the topics which are covered in class. Knowledge of basic civil procedure is an asset. The aim of this course is to give students both the practical and substantive experience and expertise necessary to develop into excellent advocates. Guest instructors from the Bench and Senior Bar will also participate.

The structure of most classes will be a lecture, followed by working through a number of problems or scenarios which will be provided in advance of each class along with required reading. The topics that will be covered include developing the theory of a case, understanding the steps in an action, navigating difficult privilege issues, expert evidence, examinations for discovery, written and oral advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, and civility and professionalism as an advocate in practice.

two assignments (66.6%) and class participation 33.3% (10% attendance, 10% contributions to class discussion, 13.3% one class presentation based on topic to be assigned).

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16 JD


M: 6:10 - 8:00